Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dead in the Family, Part 2

Here is the second part of the Dead in the Family transcripts. You can read the first part HERE

What do you mean when you say he wasn't your son?

Steve: Just that. It was his body, but it wasn't him.

Erin: We could tell.

Steve: His eyes. They were flat, like there wasn't any intelligence behind them at all. There was nothing there at all.

Erin: He'd been such a funny boy. A happy boy.

Steve: The zombie was moving the way they do, staggering, like--and he reached for me. I thought he was going for my throat. (Pauses). It wasn't him.

Do you consider yourself to be religious people?

Steve: I know my son is in heaven, if that is what you are asking. But I don't know if that thing has anything to do with religion.

Many people believe...

Steve:That they are demons, signs of the apocalypse or whatever. i know. I don't know anything about that.

What happened after you saw your son? The zombie?

Steve: We told the hospital that he wasn't our son, and we left.

Have you had any contact with the zombie afterwards?

Steve: No.

Erin: He was staying with one of the other families that lost a boy in the crash.

They took in their son? And yours?

Steve:(angry) They took in zombies.

The interview was terminated almost immediately after this comment. The film crew leaves the camera on as they exit the house, and the cameraman turns towards the boy playing with his dog in the backyard. One gets the impression that the boy desperately wants to say something, but in the end he turns away.

In a few days I'll post excerpts from interview #2


Stuck_in_the_world_of_the_Living said...

That is so sad. Thank God for people like the other parents. if not for tyhem then he would be on the streets, scared and alone. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST OPEN THEIR MINDS AND HEART?!?!


KaY_LuVs_WrItInG said...

This is really stupid, I mean your still you and so is every other "living impaired" person I know! Why can't people just get over themselves and TRY to understand!

Anna said...

Aww, poor little kid probably misses his brother. At least some parents are willing to do the right thing...

Yazzeh said...

I hate the way he keeps saying 'the zombie' it's just plain inconsiderate. Most of the living have no respect.

l!zz.(: said...

ohmygosh. thank God that those other parents took him in. he would be just like randomly roaming the streets. that's so sad that his own parents wouldn't take him in. i'm all for the parents that took him in. (:

Unheard Of said...

so ignorant, so uncompromising.
i understand what he might mean though, about it being something else inhabiting the body. demons are always searching for portals into our worlds, they can even manifest the memories of the person they took over.
but people have been dying since the dawn of time, so I don't think that's the case.
maybe the whole process is like rebirth. growing up all over again. babies can't talk, or move swiftly, and without caring and compassion they would never learn.

Krystal said...

Maybe the family would have listened if the other brother had spoken up about how he felt about the situation (if I am correct in assuming that he misses his brother, and regrets turning the boy away) and might have reconsidered their actions on disowning their son.
Or maybe not.
He did not speak, so we'll never know.

Werewolf Moon said...

Oh GOSH, how can stupid humans be so cruel. It's ridiculous, he IS still their son...why can't they understand that. His eyes aren't "empty" they're scared. And he might "stagger" but wouldn't you after an incident like that? I'm sorry but that's just ignorant.

Becca the Rainbow Monster said...

The thing that stuck out to me the most was ‘reaching for his throat’. He assumed because of what his son was, that he would be violent. Shit, I reach out to people when I need them. It’s a natural thing, to try to actually get physically closer, try and signal people you care about that you need them. Just because he’s post-death… it’s like beating a dead horse; how unfair all and everything is.

lzz said...

That is just saddening. He even gets aggravated when he says the other mother took the boys in... come on now! I feel so bad for the son (who died), I hope he is alright and doing okay.

I hope he is okay with his parents' issues about him coming back. May I ask, how did the reporter(s) find this family? And the next family?

Paris said...

Gosh... seeing this from the parents point of view makes me understand their feelings more. Its obvious that they really cared about their son, but I can tell that they truly believe that 'the zombie' is not their son.
I really feel sorry for all of them. The 'dead' son is probably hurting badly inside and feeling unwanted. The parents seem to feel that their son's body has been violated and possessed, and his poor brother just wants his big bro back :(
It makes me sad to see how death can tear a family apart.
Thanks for posting this, I'm never good with keeping up with news of any kind on TV.

Tommy Williams said...

Living Impaired Yazzie--

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to pick up on that.


Tommy Williams said...


Not only that, but most babies are wrinkly, red faced, screechy and smelly. Why can't people understand that babies are the real menace to society?


PS I'm kidding

Tommy Williams said...


I don't know how the families interviewed were selected. My guess is that they interviewed many more than the three that actually aired.


edwardandtommylover said...

this is so sad i know this is a confusing and sad time but he is still their son and it is wronf to just walk off on him....


Anonymous said...

I am happy that the other family took in the boy. i hate his family now. >:X I also don like the way they say "that zombie is not ours"...or what ever u get mi point, those ungreatful parents. >:(

Vegasaurus said...

Why exactly are people so ignorant?

I honestly feel bad for the two brothers. The little brother looking like he wanted to say something...He probably misses his older brother. It makes me wonder what it would have been like for my five younger siblings without me...Poor kid. And, just for their older son, someone needs to slap those parents into realizing that they turned their SON away, whom they have loved since birth, and now that he's been reborn they no longer can stand to be with him?! They thought that their little boy could actually bring himself to harm them when he was probably just trying to reach out to hug his father...Stupid people... the whole situation is truly depressing.

Tommy Williams said...

Fractured Fairytale--

That was my take-away, also.


TentenShunai said...

That is kinda sad but somewhat happy. I mean at least he got taken in but I mean just because he doesn't act like your son or is different then how you remember them, doesn't mean they aren't your kid. I mean people can change right? That doesn't mean they are a completely different person. YOu just have to get to know the person a little bit better. For example, after my sis came home from boot camp, yes I do realize it isn't the same thing but bear with me, she had this completely serious look in her eyes, she never wore make-up anymore and she wasn't as crazy as she used to be BUT SHE'S STILL MY SISTER. This just ticks me off. If someone I loved died and came-back as a living impaired person I'd be happy because I'd get to make more memories with them, and I'd gladly let them back in my life. Maybe I'm just weird or something but I don't care, a person is a person right? Wether they are handicapped, "perfect", a freak, a geek, a living-impaired person, black, white, asian, or whatever else they are. People like that kids parents need to learn some compassion

RSoxy said...

(No comment)

Anonymous said...

That's just horrible.
I'm not sure there are many other words to describe it, I mean, how can you just leave your son like that?
I know he wasn't reaching for his father's throat. He wanted his father to help him, which he did not.
I'm not sure anyone could ever get past that.
I feel so bad for him....
He'll have to live with that pain the rest of the time he is on this earth. I'm not sure I could bear that.
At least his friend's parents show some intelligence and tolerance. He has someone, at least.

Bianca Wilde said...

That's so awful. I'd totally take in a DB person! (just don't sneak up on me guys, and you cna totally take the couch).
p.s.. Ahahaha! <3, Tommy, I dislike all things small, shrivelly and poopy, too! <333

Anonymous said...

Good for the other parents! I wish the "steven jr" person ahd said what he thoguth about his parents abandoning his brother! I mean, if he had not died and just been paralysed or something his parent would ahve accepted him-they wouldn't have thrown him out just because he moved differently.
You'd think if they really loved their son, they would have taken him in and made the msot of hs second chance-as your mom did, Tommy.
Another thing-his son was scared, and reached out to ug him, and that Steve person just assumed he was being violent? That is just stupid. I'm sorry, but it is. He needs to learn to open his mind a bit more and accept the world as it is. At teh moemtn he seems to be living in some private fantasy reality. He's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

The prejudice in those parents is unbelievable. The moment they hear that he's come back, they assume that he's not their son anymore. Not only that, but they treat him like he's become some sort of object to be thrown away.

Anonymous said...

I think that is absolutely horrible to turn away your own child I can understand how they feel having lost their child but to be that cruel when you can have a second chance and to do that to think your own child will hurt you it is just wrong I mean seriously what has our world come to where people can just be cruel enough to turn someone away that easily no matter who it is DB or not TT__TT
-Black Wolf-
Ps:Tommy you are doing a great thing by doing this blog

Siserin said...

Ignorent humans.
that's just stupid, like everyone else here I agree that it is very stupid and mean just to turn away your child just because they are diffrent. I wish people would just get over the fact that people are living impaired and just think of them as normal human beings. yeah their dead, but hell....they are just like us in a way.

~From Hel

Taylin said...

thats pretty pathetic

Tommy Williams said...

Fractured Fairytale--

Did you see the video? Because your interpretation is exactly what I was thinking when I saw it on TV.


Tommy Williams said...

Black Wolf-



ScribblerRigby said...

This made me sad, and it hit a little too close to home,as well. It breaks my heart that people would do this sort of thing to their children.

Thank goodness the other family was around to take him in. Lucky kid.

Anonymous said...

Evil people, they happen to be the real demons. Vial, hateful, worthless people. But I'm so happy that the other family took in the boys. Its sad that his parents didn't have the same disensy. It really ticks me off, if my friends came back, I would take them in, no questions asked. And if any zombie needs a home, my door is always open.