Thursday, May 21, 2009


We've had a number of new people put themselves on the Wall--the horde is 750 strong!--so I thought I'd do a little updating for the newbies and newlydeads.

I'm Tommy Williams, this is my blog. I try to write about things that are happening in the zombie community. You can click onto the wall in the link at the right and join the virtual Wall, which is open to traditionally biotic and differently biotic people alike.

Every so often either Phoebe or Karen will write a guest blog. Come to think of it, neither has written here for awhile so I'll bug them.

I'm going to be taking a trip across America soon, and am looking for place to visit--if you think that your town would be a good place to check out, either because it is hospitable or hostile to zombies, let me know. Post to the blog and let me know where, and whether you think the town is pro or con zombie. Pro con zombie is not a delicious dip that tastes great with tortilla chips; that would be chili con carne.

Thanks to Lily Benan for suggesting a visit to Charleston, S.C. She, like the other nine people whose towns are chosen, will be sent a wristband from the Skip Slydell collection. So far I'll be going to Charleston, New Orleans and Memphis.

Stay whole,



Raschel said...

Nice way to re-introduce yourself I finally decided to follow your example and start a blog. Currently I'm explaining my death. Beating hearts rarely get to hear our story so I figured I'd share, though Tak doesn't agree that a Daughter of Ramero should do that I don't think it'll hurt. What do you think?


Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hello Tommy!
How are you doing these days?
This blog is one of the best, well, I have two favorites n_n
I am so glad you have 750 people on the wall, it's awesome!!!
Hope you get more than 2000!!!
Aww..Aren't you coming to Mexico?
I'm crzy.
Well, gotta go.
Take care!
I love you.

shellybelly said...

A: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

B: No zombies around yet-but if there were, I think my city would be very friendly towards them.

C: Well Canada-specifically Toronto-is very multicultural. I believe that because the majority of Canadians are generally very friendly and polite, zombies would more than likely be accepted in our society.

Watching said...

750 people is quite a large number O.O

Taylin said...

You have to come to California!!
Southern California, like near Laguna Beach!!

We need to raise awareness in my city! I believe that my home town would be accepting though because of everything else they have been accepting. Plus if we just make sure it is known that zombies don't eat people (hahaha sorry) and are mainly just coming back for some strange reason. I think we need to raise awareness in my city!!
It would be wonderful if you could come! (:

By the way, when are you coming back from your eh adventure... hows Christie? Did you enjoy your time at Aftermath? Do you think you will be going back there?

~Taylin Reinholtz

Anonymous said...

heY gOod lUck with the blogS.

seven hUndred people is a whole lot. i Cant join the wall. it stinKs But something with my computer wont let me. Anywas iLL poS Later.


o yea I Also cant make a profile so i have to post annanamous. is that how annanamous is spelled? Really though, who knows.

[Ryan] said...

Huh. No zombies here. But my little town, Brownfield, Texas, has some people like me who love zombies, vampires and werewolves. It would be great if you could come see.

TheSoundOfMaddy said...

I think that you should come to Edgemont, NY. It's in Westchester. It's such a nice town. Everyone at my highschool is so accepting of everyone. We have a very diverse poppulation, but no zombies yet. :-(


lindsey said...

I probably wouldn't come to Missouri, Tommy.

We "hicks" probably don't appreciate differently biotic people. There are a few though. Let me tell you though, i'd be delighted to see a bunch of people i could get along with.

RealisElastic said...

wow 750. thats impressive! hopefully you will pick denison texas. it would be a very cool. Im glad you said karen and pheobe would put some more blogs on here, i would love to read what they put. karen especially...

Anonymous said...

I'm not permitted to get an account to either join the wall or post under a true name, so please don't overlook me or my city when you're looking at cities to visit. I don't know how many times I will write this (probably so many that it's very annoying now), but COME TO OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA! The city has truly yet to be determined as truly hospitable or hostile, but I'm betting on hospitable because Maddie, Kelsey and Amanda (my DB friends), would have moved away if it wasn't, whether I was with them or not. So please please please come! I hope that you will. The DB's in the town could also use a zombie comfortable in his own skin to give them some advice and whatnot.
Also, congrats on the big numbers on the wall. Keep up the awesome work!

2die4 said...

Hey, it's good to see you're making progress.

A) Detroit, Michigan

B) Very hostile towards zombies. Some white van sightings are not uncommon.

C) Zombies honestly aren't welcome here. In Detroit normal people are hardly accepted, so Zombies surely aren't.

!-*zombie_luver*-! said...

You should come to Casey, IL.
No one has probably heard of it because it's super small town.
But we are very pro zombie.
Coming to a small town like Casey can help have everyone in the town aware of the zombie nation.
Please come to Casey, IL, Tommy.


undead_bioctic_daphne said...

Hello Tommy !
I seriously think that you should come to Vancouver,B.C.
I'm a HUGEE fan of zombies , i would accept them. =)
Please come!I think i already said that , haha.
I also love your blogs , although it looked differnt than i expected it to look(zombie backgrounds).

Bye Tommy!
p.s : i wish i could see you in real life =(

Krystal said...

It would be nice to hear from Phoebe or Karen!! It's been a while.

Vanessa Jeans said...

ever since i read generation dead, i've been following this blog. I think its great, some place where zombies and trads alike can get together and talk like civilized people. I really hope you decide to come to St. John's, Newfoundland. I'm sure that if zombies started to come back, we would be VERY pro zombie, but so far, there are none. i'm going to get some of my frinds to read the book and see what they think but i'm sure they would all love to see you too! please Come here!

Zombies are people too ;)
Xoxo Love always,

Nevermore314 said...

I'd like to suggest visiting Chicago. I'm not sure whether it's pro or con zombie, because Chicagoans love the horror movies that really put zombies in a bad light, but they also just hosted a "Zombie Crawl" in honor of zombies and more excuses to drink. =] it would be very awesome if you wanted to visit, because Chicago is pretty amazing even though i only live in one of the suburbs.


P.S. this may be a duplicate post, but my browser shut down on me. just making sure it sends. =]

Tara said...

That was a very nice thing to do for your new readers, Tommy, but your entry, (and although I don't know why), got me thinking. Do you know how you're going to be accepted in these towns, Tommy? What if they brandish torches outside your hotel? And is Faith going with you? I'm such a worrier, but I know we'd all be upset if something happened to you. Well, anyways, best of luck!

[Ryan] said...

Hey Tommy. I just wanted to inform you that I saw a white van in my town. I was excited but worried at the same time. It would be cool to have zombies in Brownfield, but what if the white vans are taking them?

Em said...

Numbers are one thing, but numbers do not win the battle that the zombies are fighting. This is America for crying out loud. Everyone deserves equal rights, dead or alive. =^.^=

Julie said...

"housekeeping" interesting title..

Unknown said...

I live in Long Beach California, a nice city, one of the most diverse citys in America, and such good wether that there suprized when it rains and where huge jackets when its 65 degrees. All round good place to live, never would expect how anti-zombie it is. I notice that alot of other people said that Orange County or LA would be a good place for you to visit, and while Long Beach is near those areas, there is more of an anti-zombie feeling here.
During the recent earthquakes I found out about some supriseing thoughts. I don't asociate with violent people, and these people in particular are not religiouse at all. One of my friends thought the earthquake was "the zobie invashion" and went to get his bat. Another had the same thought, and hid in her bathtub with her vampire stake (I don't get it ether). I tried to explane that zobies arent bad people, but it allmost thretened to end our friendships.
If you do come around here, please take precations. We had a zombie awarness walk through west Long Beach, it started as a peaceful walk through a peaceful area, but lets just say it went wrong. Police were called and it everyone left, but no one was arested.

-<3 Daniy
I'm way confuzzled by this sight log in thing, so now I have two pictures on the wall by the way.

RSoxy said...

lol "stay whole" that's the best

Celinda said...

You should come to San Antonio, TX.

we have a pretty hostile environment towards zombies in Texas unfortunately. We are trying to spread the word that we should not harbor malevolent feelings towards zombies because it's not like the Romero movies.

we were getting somewhere, then someone hacked into TEXdot and posted Beware of Zombies in Austin (true stury, you may have seen it on youtube) then people started freaking out again.

I teach at a high scool and I advocate for those that are different because "normal" people fear the unknown due to ignorance. It's my job to minimize ignorance

Laura said...

Honestly, You should come and visit Seattle, Washington. I know, its far, but I hear its very hospitable towards Zombies. Although I have yet to personally come in contact with a zombie, and I haven't heard of very many in the area, Seattle's a pretty diverse place and I doubt that Zombies would be recieved badly. I mean, look at all the other weirdo's (really, no offense to any other Seattle dwellers) that live around here! Anyway, you if visited the rainy city of Seattle, you could help raise the awareness that zombies aren't something to fear and destroy, and you might just find a posatively receptive city in us. But, hey, who knows, right?

Natalia Radovich said...

Hello... If this is how you request a stop on the list I hope I've stumbelith upon the right place. I really think you should check out Rapid City, South Dakota. Not only is it the front yard of the famous Mount Rushmore but I think that you will find both open and shut minded people here. although having just recently moved here it is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the country. This simply means that being a big city it has people who will not only accept the dead but welcome them. Sadly on the down side of things it is also an ag center and so is also a center for a population of closed minded people. So once again if you are looking for diversity I would recommend Rapid City, South Dakota!

xoxo Tali

p.s. check out my blog "boxes not bags"

Shadow_Morose said...

hiya Tommy!
I can't believe I haven't read your blog in such a long time! Well now I've joined the wall so I'll be on more. Nice re-introduction by the way! So how is everyone? God I wish I lived in America! But no, unfortunately I'm all the way in England so I can't see you guys :(

lzz said...

not a bad way of re-introducing yourself, tommmy :). I am saddened to say I have not been real active here, so I am going to do my best and keep up with coming here!

I am amazed though that Phoebe and Karen have not written anything new lately.. those two seem to have a lot of opinions.. maybe they just don't know what to say. I hope everything goes well on your trip, stay safe dude.

--And if you can, you should probably come to Phoenix, AZ. I am thinking it is 60/40 for hating zombies, you should try and make it better here!! :'(

mkcoaster said...

A: Orlando Fl

B: No zombies yet...

C: Here in Florida there are alot of different peopl so I think you would be accepted

hollowluv said...

hey there tommy!
i absolutely love your bloggs!
i find them so insitful!
im so addited to them.
and i just joined to!
well, i guess i would really apprate it if you would comment me or something back! thanks!

Anonymous said...


You should come to New York (not the city. Ever seense I startede reading Genration Dead i've looked on your blog. I'm kinda sad that you left thou like most people are.
Its odd being differnt as i found out at my school. because i'm differnt and people call me names but after awhile i got use to it but people do stare still and call me names.

Talk Soon,


generationdeadphoebe said...

i know it might be too late but you should come to winchester, IN we are very pro zombie and admire what you are doing

Anonymous said...

You should visit Whidbey Island in Washington State. It's a wonderful place.

EvilGu said...

Madison, WI is known for being a very hippy kinda place.
For a few years now there has been a "Zombie Run" around Halloween, where DB and Tred students dressed as DB's march down State St. to the Capital building for Zombie rights.
I think it works because no one can tell whose really DB and who's Trad.
Not Kidding.
It really happens.
Every year.

lucky4193 said...

wow, thats a lot of people but if i were you tommy id stay away from a few places like folks and places where they are already loose on the laws. you dont need more trouble than you already have.

~love you tommy~ said...

hey tommy,

i see your coming to new orleans!
thats awesome... i live pretty close to there and i was wondering when are you coming? well, ill talk to you later i guess? lol


MangledBeauty said...

Hey Tommy I think you should visit Felton, California. Or Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz accepts everyone different, well so does San Fransisco, but I'd really like to meet a fellow dead... You see right now I'm new to this death thing and can barely even type this because it's so hard to move. I don't really know anyone where I am at the moment... My mom sent me to be with my dad where no one can recognize me... It's hard, but reading your blogs are keeping me going.


Anonymous said...

Ohmigawd! Tommy I love the books! I've read both of them!!! Is there gonna be a third one? I hope so!


Mandy said...

Hello Tommy.
I am a zombie I have been for a year or so. it's nice to know not all dead kids are rejected and hated. My family freaked out after I came out of my coffin and I have been living in a shelter for DB's in Seattle. Good luck!

MisaMaddness5021 said...

Come to Royal Oak, MI
Probably pro-zombie.

Anonymous said...

You have got to come to Texas! Please! Me and all my friends love your book. Please think about it!

Anonymous said...

Detroit, MI :]

corey said...

u should come 2 sidney ohio there is no zombies here!!!

photo667 said...

HEY TOMMY GOT TO SAY I LOVE YOU MAN this is like my favoriete blog you should come to sedalia missouri!!!!!!!!!!!! be carful we all love you tommy

Meliah Dawn said...


Anonymous said...

Nice newbie update, Tommy. Lovin it!


Anonymous said...

Newbies, respect the hored. Respect it!!!!! JK!!!!