Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Margi Interviews DeCayce

Hello--I'm turning MSCU over to Margi this week for her interview with DeCayce! Hope you enjoy it!


Hi this is Margi Vachon and I am sitting with DeCayce, the lead singer of Skeleton Crew. If you aren’t familiar with Skeleton Crew—and why would you be, because it isn’t like you can buy their CD in a store or anything—they are a punk band from New Jersey that is unique because they have a zombie lead singer. DeCayce the zombie and this is my interview with him.

Margie: Hi, DeCayce
: Hi, Margi
(Note: DeCayce has a lot of pauses in his speech but I’m not going to try and type those out or anything. It is hard enough trying to type along with this stupid recorder. Sometimes I think the pauses are because he’s a zombie and sometimes I think it is just because he thinks a lot before he says anything)

Margi: So is DeCayce your real name?
: Sort of my. My real name is Casey Dimello. So, Casey D. D. Casey.

Margi: Well plus that’s like a cool name because it is like a pun about zombies. You know, like ‘decay’.
DeCayce: Oh, you caught that?

Margi: So anyway, you’ve been in Skeleton Crew for how long?
DeCayce: Since about a month after I died.

Margi: Seriously?
DeCayce: Yes. Before I died the band we were in was called The Polynesian Gods of Southern New Jersey.

Margi: What?
DeCayce: We were a surf band.

Margi: You were in a different band with the same guys? Before you died?DeCayce: Yes.

Margi: That’s so cool! How did you die?
DeCayce: I leaped to my death from a hotel balcony tower while shouting “I am a golden god.”

Margi: No way. Really?
DeCayce: No.

Margi: Come on, how did you die?
DeCayce: I prefer not to say.
Margi: Fine, be that way. Well, were you always the singer for the band?

DeCayce: Yes. When I was alive I also played guitar, but it is very difficult for me to move my fingers fast enough on the frets now. But I am relearning.

Margi: Wow. That’s kind of sad.
DeCayce: Yes. It is.

Margi: I heard that you write a lot of the songs.
DeCayce: Yes. I write most of the lyrics. We all help write the music.

Margi: What about I’m Only Dead on the Outside? Did you write that one?
DeCayce: Yes

Margi: What about Differently Biotic, Differently Neurotic?
DeCayce: Yes. The lyrics.

Margi: Living is Like Dying? Lost the Plot?
DeCayce: Yes. And yes.

Margi: Across the Universe ?
DeCayce: No.

Margi: Hah! Just kidding. That was Fiona Apple.
DeCayce: Actually, it was—

Margi: I know who it is dummy I’m just kidding you. So, do you have any wild stories about being on the road?
DeCayce: You mean like when bioist jerks throw bottles at me?

Margi: I was thinking like whether or not you have groupies. Other than Colette.
DeCayce: Colette isn't a groupie. She's my soul mate.

Margi: Ew, whatever.
DeCayce: I wouldn’t call them groupies, but we have some fans, I guess.

Margi: Do you have more dead ones, you think, or living ones?
DeCayce: Hard to say, because sometimes it is hard for differently biotic people to get to the shows. I’m glad we have so many traditionally biotic people cheering us on.

Margi: Lots of girls think you are really hot. Which I think is pretty weird.
DeCayce: Yeah. Thanks for that.

Margi: Even beating hearts. You guys are pretty good, though.
DeCayce: Thank you.

Margi: Not as good as the Misfits were, though. Or The Damned.
DeCayce: Well, those are great bands. Legends.

Margi: Or the Others. Or Blitzkid, or Son of Sam.
DeCayce: Those are some great bands, too.

Margi: Or. Michale Graves. Or the Morgue Staff Rejects. My Chemical Romance. Paramore.
DeCayce: Ok, I get it.

Margi: Green Day. You aren’t bad, though. For a local band. Buckcherry.
DeCayce: Yeah, thanks.

Margi: So what’s next for Skeleton Crew?
DeCayce: More practice, apparently.

Margi: Come on! Don't be so sensitive!
DeCayce: Well, we’re thinking about recording a CD once we have enough money to get the studio time. I’m not sure if we’ll do it as a digital download or what.

Margi: Any new songs? Or the same old stuff I’ve heard you play at your last three shows?
DeCayce: We’ve got a new song that Dominic wrote. It is called “Karen”.
Margi: No way.

DeCayce: Way. We’re not sure what we’re going to call the album, though. We’re thinking either “Love Never Dies” or “Generation Dead”.
Margi: Go with the first one. The second will never fly.

DeCayce: Yeah, thanks for your always trenchant commentary.
Margi: No problem. Just make sure you thank me in the liner notes.

That’s all for today, everyone! This is Margi Vachon, intrepid girl reporter, signing off! Skeleton is on tour right now playing all ages shows anywhere that will have them! Check local club listings!


Misty and Kristie said...

I simply luv these books, hope there is going to be a third book. Yah first comment.

Hey please check out the blog me and my friend just started and tell us what you think so far.


BeautifulDisaster said...

These are absolutely amazing books! cant wait for the 3rd!!
oh and my blog is..


check it out sometime..

Axel said...

Seriously.... any mp3s you can get out??? any??
send em over to lacero@ymail.com

Anyway, great to hear from Margie, but we need to hear more from Tommy.

RSoxy said...

lol Generation Dead as a CD? i don't think so either
though it would make a great band name *poners*

Sunshine W. said...

so... are these really a band that can be listened to? I want to hear, if at all possible, what they sound like. It might be a good inspiration for my great buddies in Kthulu, a metal band generated in my hometown by sum guys I hang out with. If you got any music sources, and you wanna be generous and share, I'd love that. :D
~Sunshine W. & zombie companions

Sugar Loving Otaku said...

LOL generating dead 4 a CD? was that planned 4 the first book? I ♥ these books...

Mary said...

Oh, Margi. As much as you lack social skills, we still love you. :)

Lizzy said...

Lol my favorite part was when he was talking about new album names. "Love Never Dies or Generation Dead." And Margie goes, "The second one. The first will never fly."

bwahahaha XD

EvilGu said...

Oh, man. OK, So I never especially like Margi in the books (sorry girl, but the reason is kinda good). It's honestly, I believe, because she's a lot like me. I used to have bright pink hair, and just the slightly awkward way she acts now and then and the humor that comes out at random times, like this interview...I never really liked her, and I think it's cause she's just like me!
Anywho, after this interview I really like you, Margi! You're honestly hilarious, even when your humor is...misplaced. And DeCayce- I feel we know your personality a bit more, now. Did he really say the part about Colette as his Soul Mate? Or did you "paraphrase" a bit? lol. Are you ever going to let Collete hear the end of it, Margi? I wouldn't! Awww...how cuuuute!
After NanoWriMo I need to spend some time drawing Colette and DeCayne, now. That's right you two- Get ready to be fanart'ed. >.<

Unknown said...

It's great to hear from you two, and i agree with Margi... Generation Dead would not be the best name 4 a CD.lol:P!!

Anonymous said...

Lol Yea I'm so gona do some fanart of this too XD...Oh!!OH!!!...I KNOW...I'll do this as a comic...NO! A MANGA!!!! YEA OMG..I'm SO GONA DO IT NOW....WOOTWOOT!!
YEA...But TAKAYUKI's First...^o^...MMmmmm TAKAYUKI (he's so strong and brave and caring...sorta..but yea he's just an awesome guy)=drool= OMNOMNOMNOM...He's a delicios Zombie Babe ^o~ Heheh

Lita138 said...

Oh Margi how I love you! <3 Morgue Staff Rejects are one of my personal favs ;)

DawnShallComeAgain said...

I am absolutly sure these are the best books I have read in the longest time, and I am a huge book/music junkie, I cant wait for the third!! (: <3

Unheard Of said...

omg. that was so cute. it made me giggle when he talked about colette.
so karen has a song named after her???? what does she think of that?

Skeleton Crew ROCKS!

Krystal said...

Hahaha, Margi, you should interview the rest of the band members too :)

I hope they get to record soon, I would totally buy their album!

Anushree said...

i love these books. i am hoping for a third one.......
and i love the blog 2.

Anonymous said...

love these books- and its so cool that the web site is real!!!!! <3

bookworm said...

haha I love the band even tho i cant dance as well as i used to with me being dea and all i think the band has helped me the most
your Db friend

Unknown said...

Oh my god this is hilarious! I think this is going to become the only blog I ever and will ever follow! Much love guys!

Cass said...

I love the new twist these books put on the old zombie story. There will be a third coming out in 2010 and I think there will be like two or three more books in the series

Cass said...

I love the new twist these books put on the old zombie story. And I deff like that they dont go running around eating flesh cause Im tired of every zombie movie being like that. The new book is coming out in 2010 and there will be like two more in the series from what I hear...

Anonymous said...

love paramore

simone said...

Misfits concert in miami december 4! i may go

simone said...

Misfits concert in miami december 4! i may go

ComicBookChick said...

I love the blog!!!
Keep the coming!!!

Hanne-chan said...

Haha, Margi's so rude, she's still cool though. But I must say My Chemical Romance is pretty sweet.. I was wearing a My Chem shirt yesterday.. Yeah, keep the blogs rolling, we love you! <3
Give everyone at the H.H. a big hug for me, including yourself!
...Hm.. Hugging yourself is rather awkward.. But you can do it! :]

Much love,

Zoe Box said...

Wow I love these books! I cannot wait for the third one to come out! I just found out that Daniel is making another one! Well, I mean...obviously he would considering the awesome ending to Kiss of Life but still lol.

If you want to blog me it's http://jetvampsblogspot.blogspot.com/

Zoe Box said...

My Blog: http://jetvampsblogspot.blogspot.com/

These books are my absolute favorites ever! Totally amazing! I give epic props to Daniel Waters.

Unknown said...

these books are totally AMAZING!!!! Waters has got some madd talent!!!
i wonder if tehy ever thought of turning it into a movie???

PhoebeKendall said...

Hi everybody!

Margi sends "love and frogs"(???) to everyone who posted a comment, and she is so excited by the response that she promises more interviews in the future.

Love...and frogs?


Samantha said...

hahaha Margi is a good interviewer ....... but seriously ? Dom wrote a song about Karen? hahaha and i loved when he talked about Colette being his soul mate !!! soo cute

natalie said...

wow decayce, could you be any more mushy?! I think i may need some waders...
and margi, thank you for your excellent commentary (as always). oh and...love and frogs? what the hell?

Iris Rising said...

I wonder if the Skeleton Crew is making a song about Karen as a tribute to her "re-death"?

AlissaSarah said...

so it looks like DeCayce has watched Almost Famous one too many times. I love that movie. It is amazing, and it has the best film soundtrack ever.

Anonymous said...

Don't call it love never dies!! for the love of .... stuff don't do it! Thats the same name as a horrid book and also a horrid play, and its also very cliche.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thats super creative how DeCayce's name is like Decay.

corey said...

i like how she said m.c.r (my fav band)

sierra:) said...

ahhh a cd?! that would be great:) i hope you find a way to get links up to that up on here!! also cant wait for a fourth book which i hope comes soon?


moon said...

omz i just love the books and also i love adam and margi and phoebe but to be honest tommy and phoebe and karen and colette are my favorite people in the books

Unknown said...

This interview really made my day! HAHAHA! :D <3

Anonymous said...

Nice interveiw, Margi. And I need to get my self some of those concert, I soo wanna see them play. Ohh and Margi, you forgot Lincoln Park, All American Rejects, and American Hi-Fi, just to name a few.