Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stranger Than Fiction

You know what one of the Top Ten things that many zombies list as being one of the things they miss most about life? Right after family, friends, pets, food,sleep or their favorite hobby?


Karen and I are two of the lucky ones, who have parents that insist we keep going to school. Many zombies that don't have a parent or legal guardian either can't get to school or aren't allowed to attend, and many school systems across the country don't allow any zombie students.

Of course, I wasn't feeling like one of the lucky ones yesterday after someone put a sign on my back. Instead of the traditional "Kick Me" it said "Kill Me". And instead of the traditional tape, whoever hung the sign used a thumbtack. I didn't feel it.

Mrs. Rodriguez was kind enough to remove the tack for me.

Don't get me wrong, though. Overall, I like school.


Meg said...

ouch! Poor Tommy!

If you ever find out who did it, let me know, I'll kick their but!

Alison said...

Wow, that's a bit cruel.

You know what?
I'm not surprised that zombies would still want to go to school, and even miss going to one. I know I would if I ever become a zombie.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That was very cruel!
I'm sorry Tommy! But, anyways, that's a nice thing that zombies some places are able to go to school. Trads and zombies alike still have a future ahead, and i hope in the near future the less lucky zombie will get a chance to enroll back i school.

Oh!!! That just gave me an idea! Someone should start like an all zombie school or something! Like a school where zombies can be enrolled and get to learn without the harassment of mean trads. And trads like Phoebe could go there too! That'd be awesome!


C. said...

Ouch. Kids are jerks, y'know?
Any idea who it was?
I'll beat them up for you! Haha, just kidding. I'm actually a wussy.

Zombie or not, I see where you're coming from. Anyone and everyone misses school, whether they deny it or not.

(I bet even Tak misses school, ha!)

That's why Summer Break eventually has to come to an end year to year.

It's funny how we wait all school year for Summer Break to come, (we've had 12 school days, and i'm already wishing!) and then during Summer Break, we wait for school to start.

I guess it's just that people tend to get lost without the constant attention of other people around them. Plus, the opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences.

It's just human (and zombie) nature to crave that. :]

They say High School contains the best years of your life.
I'd have to say I'd surprisingly agree.

Elizabeth said...

Im Sorry Tommy find out who it is and i'll get my friends and we will kick their butts to the moon! and hi long time no see its me Elizabeth ^^

Paris said...

Ugh, some people never give up do they? Its one thing to say "Kick Me" , but "Kill Me"? Thats just least your teacher took it off. I can see why some zombies would miss school. Although, right now, I dont see why anyone would! But I guess, if I were a zombie, I would miss school...seeing friends, teachers, and I guess just learning about new things.

Sarah said...

did you report that to a teacher? if they ever found out who did that, they'd probably get ing huge trouble!!!

Erin said...

THE PFARGTLS!!! :P well, blah to them and also a bit of :P

Anonymous said...

a thumbtack? so will you have a permanent hole in your back now? And a Kill Me sign? youre already dead! i would have gone with a Kiss Me sign or something. not that i would tack a sign to your back...

erinn said...

awwwwhhhh a thumbtack?!? JEESSHH
i stabbed myself with a thumbtak once, it was on my windowseat [[faced up]] and the doorbell rang so i wanted to see who it was so i ran up to my window seat but couldnt see anything, then after 5 seconds of walking downstairs there was this HORRIBLE stabbing pain in my hand, and i look at it, and there it was, all the way into my palm. Scared me to death [[no pun intended sorry tommy..]] and i screamed and ran downs stairs. UGh it was horrible...

check out my youtube channel PLEAAASEEE i neeed it!

Taylin said...

awww Tommy, i'm so sorry. thats awful. at least you still enjoy going. don't let dipsticks like them keep you down.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Tommy! If you'll tell me who did it I have connections! I could get you a vampire mob, or a few werewolves!
*Vampire Girl*

EmoChick13 said...

That is pretty awful. Whoever did that was a big fat jerk. But I'm glad the zombies like school, though. It's good to learn, even if it can be boring boring boring sometimes. Love your blog!!

Jamie said...

omg thats horrible! i feel so bad 4 u. good thing u didnt feel it!

Ranting Meshelly said...

Oh my, Tommy, I hope you feel very lucky cause you are. Other zombies don't get to even go to school? Well the reasons that you put up was very i don't noe mean cause their parent don't even want them. it's so sad.

manicboo said...


Sorry to totally interrupt the thread, but I just wanted to let you know about a group my friend has set up on Facebook, supporting the cause (ie the book) The url is below and we'd love to have new members!



Shelby said...

That's gotta hurt... even though you say you didn't feel it. I hate how cruel some people can be. I can't say my school is worth ever going back to if I got a chance to get away. My high school is filled with the usual stupid jerks that plague the school. Even one of my best friends, Jared, is very perverted.
Back to the point. Yeah, you most people are lucky to even get an education. But there's always home school. We all just get used to the cruel and annoying teens and I'm sure College won't change that...not really at least.
Not much comfort I can bring since I haven;t exactly been through the same situation you are in. Though I've been tripped before and cursed at but I'm the rebellious type who can't help but stick up for myself.
Yeah, I must agree. Overall, I do like school because my teachers are too dense to notice I'm listening too my iPod during class. Ha ha, not. I've gotten detention for that before and I don't think I'd like to repeat that.
Thanks for updating Tommy! Mucho Love <3!


DREA said...

Terrible! That sounds terrible! Gosh, I wanna hurt them verbally. I'm not too good with beating someone up physically with my height and weight, Being 5'1" and 105 does not help with saving yourself.

I actually enjoy my high school even though it has its bad days. I've always heard of that type of stuff with the kick me thing...but that just sounds terrible! God, what is this world becoming?

I'm not sure if I've got it lucky or it's just that I go to this particular high school. But I've never really seen anyone being that obnoxious as in being cruel. Except that today Kevin choked Brian to get him to see if he could fit into the locker because he's short. But their friends and they were joking around so I doubt that counts... *modest laugh*

Some things never cease and others you must be aware off and don't let overwhelm you. Some people may be iggnorant jerks... so just steer clear. I'll pray that it stops. ^^
Cookies for all...that is if anyone can even digest my cooking. :D Toodles


Saleana said...

Man, that sucks! I am so getting my killer penguin friends on the losers who do things like that. =)

oOMermaidBubblesOo said...

after a day of chem formulas,history tests, marching band, and cardboard pizza lunches, im not sure id miss school. my friends at school though thatd be diffrent.

KawaiiColombianGurl said...

How could someone do tht to you..... i swear i hope things get better... I Know!!!! I'll PRAY!!! that always makes me feel better!!1i just my brother could comebaqk.... :[

Nightly Panic said...

Awww, that's so sad, people are cruel, it's just ridiculous how they hate anyone different then's just the way most people are.
~Nightly Panic

Anonymous said...


Padfoot said...

heh heh. lemme atem. small but mighty and all that.

(im sorry, but you have to admit, thats a bit funny. cruel, yes. but it still earns a giggle in my book.)

Anonymous said...

Padfoot!! how can that be funny?

Nightly Panic said...

PADFOOT? How is that funny? it's not! Tommy and the rest of them are working so hard to unite the us and people are being cruel and working against is that funny???? LIKE I SAID> IT'S NOT!

Nameless said...

Your story rocks.
I'll borrow about this story again.
Thanks for the best story book i've ever got.

DarkJenna said...

I can't staaaaaaaaaaaand people like that it makes me want to screem (im screeming)any way people like that think thats a "JOKE" like come on saying thats a joke is like saying seal huntings a "SPORT" and people like that do things like that to people all the time(there were kids in my school who made fun of him because he was allergic to PEANUTS)and I wish I could find them to give them a piece of my mind.:(:( !!!!!

Nat said...

That is sooo low.
Who would be stupid enough to pull a stunt like that on Tommy? Insensitive people are these days..i would know. Ugh, a tack?! Pssh that is SO low >:(

I'm glad that you have the option of going to school and getting an education, after all, you are talented it would be such a waste to not let you have a education.

btw- i know this comment is late but i haven't been on the computer cuz i got back from vacation and i had to catch up on work..i probably should check on my blog i guess :S
Tell Pheebs I say hi!

Lauren said...

that's pure Evil.
you know what you should do? find out which stupid, idiotic human being put the tack in your back and put one right back in theirs! see how they like it!


Nat said...

To wrongs don't necessarily make a right, i say, why even give them something to talk about unless you've been boiled to your limit? Tommy is a good leader because he knows how to handle these stupid situations (and i'll say he's got A LOT of tolerance). Now, if someone were to be as stupid as those stupid jerks on the football team that one night decided to have a 'rumble', I would totally be pissed to the core and probably kill them. I would also make sure they would be blocked out of the school where Tommy attends. No one messes with MY zombie friends!

Thankya for listenin' ;D

Lots of Love!

Vivian Yvonne said...

That really seems like a harsh thing to do!!!!!!!!!
However, If I was in your shoes, Iwould miss school. It seems like a place where home stress just melts away. (sometimes)

Sarai said...

People are so unoriginal these days. You think they'd be able to think of something a little better and talk about proof that THEY'RE the ones without a life. I mean they can't have much of a life if pickin on zombies is the best thing they can go with their time. That's kind of the reason why I don't go to school.

Anonymous said...

Some people there are so cruel. Don't pay attention to what they say, Tommy, and pay attention to your friends. Friends and family are the only things that matter

l!zz.(: said...

owwww, that must've hurtt. well i guess to a normal person it would. (no offense tommy..lovee you!) tell me who did it. i will definately knock some sense into them. (; i bet you it was that freaking pete guy. ugh i hate himm.

l!zz.(: said...

owwww, that must've hurtt. well i guess to a normal person it would. (no offense tommy..lovee you!) tell me who did it. i will definately knock some sense into them. (; i bet you it was that freaking pete guy. ugh i hate himm.

soccrfrek1 said...

OMG That Person Is Such An Asshole!!!! I Bet It Was Pete, Stavis And Harris


EmmBearr said...

awww tommy! that sux =[ i hope that stuff gets better for you =]
you rock =] keep up the blog

xoxo Emily

gendeadlor said...

wow I was reading these and looked at the date and realized that the date that it was posted was my birth day.

Anonymous said...

Tommy someone actually did that to me,man i hate school bullies!But the sign siad "kick me" and they used a thumb tack.(i still have the damn scar on my back)

April said...

Yeah, school would be important, if they did it right. I mean, I can't remember the last time I learned something at school that wasn't in a book I was reading. That leaves me with three options:
1. I'm too smart for school (I wish.)
2. My school is messed up
3. All schools are like that
I think it's the second.

Mikey said...

Well, you've gotta give them points for creativity.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, I'm so sorry. And I have a guess at who it is, I know you've heard me guess it before but I suspect Pete. I feel sorry for him that he may have sunk that low, but it wouldn't shock me if he did. There is a place in my heart for him but he needs to wise up preety soon or he's gonna wind up on of the zombies. (Not that zombies are bad, I love zombies). So he had better watch his back (hehehe, get it? Cause someone might stick a tack and a sign on to him?) Okay, love you.


Anonymous said...

A tack? Is it wrong of me to think that Pete is behind this one too? Maybe I just don't like him, well I'm not sure anyone does. He seems like one of the people I know, maybe their in cohorts? Or not, I could just be paranoid as always. But please stay safe, we don't want you to have to deal with any more of that hatered. Love you forever and always,