Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so I thought I would wish you all, zombie and trad alike, a happy one. I hope that you have a happy one filled with mushy cards, flowers, and free candy. Especially free candy. Last year some trad kid gave Karen a box of candy, which I guess was really sweet of him but, guess what? Zombies don't eat, brainiac! Karen did eat one, though, before giving me the rest of the box which I very greedily devoured barely sharing any because I can be that way sometimes. I did ask Karen the next day if she wanted another one (I had a few left, and I suspected that they were pretty much all those chewy chocolate covered caramel ones, yuck) but she declined and then did some Jedi mind trick where she told me exactly how many I ate and what order I ate them in. Spoooky! But we miss yoooouuuu, Karen! Where are you? When ya coming home? Anyhow, she didn't have any more of the chocolates and I wondered if giving a zombie a chocolate was like giving a dog a chocolate but that really isn't a good thing to speculate about, omz!

I do not have a special sweetie (sob) but that does not mean my heart is not filled with love. Some of the nastier, meaner zombies (yes, I'm talking to you, Popeye) call us beating hearts as some sort of insult, but I actually think it is kind of a nice thing to be called. They like being called zombies, so go figure.

Anyhow, a certain zombie believes that love is the answer to making dead hearts beat again. I look forward to the day when that happens, for everyone. Maybe tomorrow!


Unknown said...

i hope phoebe makes the right choice when it comes to picking adam or tommy.

Anonymous said...

yay im the fisrt to post! anyhow i dont have a special someone either but im not giving up!
-xoxo- Grace

ReneA P. said...

That's super cool. I really do hope Karen is okay. She has me worried! Wish miss u girl! And <3 ya MargeeVee!

Bree said...

I hope Karen's okay :) Happy Valentine's Day MargeeVee! Enjoy lots of yummy candy!

Tyla~Marie said...

We all miss Karen!! <3 you Margi!!! Tyla~Marie

Zombie Gurl said...

OMZ i'll be ur valentine Margi! I already have like 5 valentines tho! They are all gurls (we r bffs at our school we bcum each others valentines) but 1 guys asked me but i said no bcuz nun of my other freinds have real valentines and didnt want to make them feel left out. I always hav room for more tho! i dont no how zombies survive without chocolate! i wud just die without chocolate but i guess they are already dead so it duzn't count i guess! oh well i really hope u find karen!

Unheard Of said...

love and self confidence!
that's what it takes.
love others but especially love yourself.

Anonymous said...

nya! i got a valentines :') my boyfriend knocked on my door with flowers and choccys !! and not just any choccys the nice ones with the melt in the middle center ... NOM

Terukomo Dama said...

I'm sure you all will find love and joy, Things may seem hard but I'm sure you can do it. You have the Kamiioa clan on your side, especially to help find a cure.

-XxTerukomo Dama / Luna Kamiioa & the Kamiioa Tribe

Terukomo Dama said...

You will all find love & joy soon. Never give up hope, never stop fighting. The Kamiioa & Kagen clans are supporting you 100%. If you ever need help, Just call upon us~

Xx- Terukomo Dama / Luna K. Kamiioa & the Clans

follow_the_white_rabbit said...

i find it uncomfortable wen i c cupels kissing , makes me feel kinda empty,
i was almost killed thow some one put a Valentine card and a cookie in my desk.
at first i thought it wasn't mine, i don't get stuff like this
but my curiosity was just to over powering
i checked the card and was surprised to c it was for me
i looked at the bag , i hesitated to accept it
"what if it was someones idea of a prank" i thought
but to my better judgement i took a bite of the cookie after class.....curiosity kills the cat
it was a peanut-butter cookie @,@
as i walked to my last class of the day, my throat started to itch, i started to cough violently.
i ran to the nearest trash can, and threw up. i had to get a pain full shot in the thy :(
thats how my feb. 14th went . '^'

natalie jay said...

Sometimes i totally miss candy...I miss biting the head off those sugar-coated marshmallow chicks on Easter and pretending to enjoy those chalky candy-hearts on v-day. anyway, since being undead I've been largely boy-friendless so i wasn't expecting anything for v-day this year. low and behold, my brother actually MADE some ceramic "candy" hearts and put them on a charm bracelet for me. Seriously, Seth may be the the best valentine ever.

Maggie said...

I had da worst valentines day Eva! Ok so evryone thinks alive only I dead so I hav a bf who got me a box of chocolates like every valentines day n I cudnt eat them so I didn't no wat to do! So I had to take them but I gave them to my bff and he saw her eating them and broke up with me! I wish I cud tell sum1 I'm deaf im so stupid my life
Wud be so much easier if I cud! But my friends r so biost so I pretend to be biost too. Da only reason I no about dis website is cuz my frend found it and thought it wuz so hilarious! I dnt even use my real name on dis site cuz I hav da most akward name ever and my friends wud no it's me from a mile away! But I really liked my bf and we've been together 4ever so he forgave me and now we r back together! But he wants me to fleet off my "crazy diet" and eat normal again which is not possible! I don't no watt to do. Not even my parents no im dead or my bff NO ONE NOS!! and it scares me to death noing one day they r goin to find out and hate me 4ever! I just found out about da zombie rights and all that cuz it duznt even apply to me even all my papers say I'm alive so...... And I read da whole website and I soooo proud of Tommy! I dnt no any zombies cuz i dnt think any but me liv anywhere near wallington nj. Omz I'm riting waaaaaay too much well I hope my life goes well! Can u guys giv me any advice? Thx bye!!!

Maggie said...

Why rnt u guys posting anymore it makes me sad to not no wats going on. ;(

Anonymous said...

Anyone who cares about the series going on needs to go on dis site to sign da petition:

We need to save generation dead!!!!

MargeeVee said...

Hi sparklechik49!

I wish *I* had her problems!



Hi Grace!

Never, ever give up!


Hi ReneA!

<3 you, too! Karen's a survivor; she'll land catlike on her feet!


Hi Bree!

You, too! But brush and floss!


Hi Tyla-Marie!

<3 you, too!


Hi Zombie Girl!

Maybe chocolate is the secret of zombie-ism, and no one knows it!


Hi Unheard of!

Good advice!


Hi Anonymous!



Hi Terukomo Dama!

That is so sweet! Thank you, and thanks to all your peeps! You can never have enough peeps on your side. And I just like saying, "peeps"! Peeps! Peeps! Peeps!


Hi Follow the White Rabbit!

Oh, poor you! Maybe it wasn't someone trying to be mean, tho? Maybe they didn't know you are allergic? I'm so sorry it happened, but I am glad you are all right.


Hi Natalie Jay!

Do you mean...Peeps?! Peeps! Peeps! Peeps! And yay for Seth!


Hi Maggie!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! What a rocky road you have had of late. My only advice--that I try to follow myself--is "to thine own self be true". If you can manage that, the rest will fall into place.


Anonymous said...

it irks me that phoebe wont go back out with Tommy, i mean didnt she describe as being a hottie??

Anonymous said...

i loved chapter one and two they were great eccept chapter two i cried when adam died by pete. i want to date tommy williams too! just like phobe i think hes a hottie even though i can't see him in my life

CD_B182 said...

I relly want phoebe and tommy to get back together