Monday, December 15, 2008

The Gift List

This is what we've been able to buy for the Haunted House zombies thus far:

4 sets of magic markers

2 boxes of blue pens

1 box of black pens

1 package of pencils

1 huge box of copier paper

8 wirebound notebooks

two pencil sharpeners, a stapler, three pairs of scissors, one of them left handed

17 books

A four person hovercraft

Various balls, Nerf and otherwise

Two baseball gloves and a bat

14 assorted stuffed animals of various sizes

2 decks of cards

The game of Life

The Dungeons and Dragons core rulebook set, with two sets of dice

A lava lamp

A huge pile of clothes from Goodwill.

Many thanks to Phoebe and Margi for picking all this stuff up. We've still got some money left and the consensus seems to be more art supplies.

PS I was just kidding about the hovercraft


Evernight87 said...

lol a hovercraft wold have been very cool tho!

Taylin said...

NOOO how can you be kidding!! When I read that on the list I was so excited!! Darn!
Well anyways, that's wonderful that you have all that stuff for the zombies! That's awesome!!

gothic_chick said...

wow thats alot of stuff. its so cool.
hope you have a great holiday season.
and a happy new year.

ps. when do we get an adam update?

animeface said...

no hovercraft?? darn. maybe a sled.
looks like you've got plenty of gifts!! the holidays should be fun :)

werewolfgirl23 said...

cool you got all those presents 4 everybody at the haunted house the hovercraft would've been sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! merry christmas,quanza,and haunika, happy new year 2

Paris said...

aww, no hovercraft? I guess the lava lamp makes up for it, haha!
Happy Holidays!!

ZombehCaitlyn said...

Wow, you guys can draw still? I cab berekly draw a poatato anymore, without it looking like a porcupine. Okay, but anyways. I founf this new site, called Urban Undead, and you can be a docter, a lab assistant a firefighter, a policeman, some other trad things, and a zombie. Im a zombie of course. Its so much fun. You should check it out. Anyways, Happy holidays!

Gothic Temptation said...

YES you guys got a lava lamp!! haha why no hovercraft?

Anonymous said...

oh you were just kidding about the hovercraft? I was about to comment on how cool that
but sounds like you guys got some awesome stuff...
what books did you get??


EmoGirl#55X said...

hovercraft!?!! oh, were kidding, okay! Thats loads of stuff! I'm glad you guys are helping each other out with Christmas.

By the way, What does Tak want for Christmas?

ImThe'Laugh'In'Slaughter' said...

The game of Life...funny.

You went all out with the school supplies didn't you? That's what I'm sure every DB kid loves to do on a Friday night; color. How exciting.
But, its the thought that counts. Even when you don't have any idea what kind of thought was going through their head when they picked that out.

ashley said...

i hope u have a good christmas

Pipster said...

the game of life? isn't that a bit ironic? gotta be good for some laughs though.
***big smiles and holiday hugs to you all***
and be sure to post some of the stuff they write or draw in those notebooks, I know I'd wanna see!

Terra said...

Wow and they said that teh zombies weren't creative. It sounds like they are to me. xD

ImThe'Laugh'In'Slaughter' said...

Hello Tommy. Have you recieved any snow back there yet? Any days off from school? I live in Las Vagas, and tomorrow we're having the first snow day of my age group's existence. We are still in shock. I'm sure the elementary schoolars won't think anything of it, but us high school kids, and a few middle schoolers have been around long enough to know that this doesn't happen here.
I'm at the age where you don't count down the days before Christmas anymore, and where you would rather sleep in than get up at the crack of dawn to open presents. It is not the most fun transition; the one into adulthood, but inevitable. So had this snow day happened a few years ago, it probably would have been more exciting in my mind. But now all I see it as is an extra day to get homework done and an excuse for my mother to give me extra chores.
I apologize, Tommy, for my ramblings, but I am fairly certain that there will be some kind national news story, even if just a mention, because we had the exact opposite of the type of weather that anyone expects of us, and we broke our second highest record of 7.8 inches in 1979. Our all time high is over nine inches in 1974, (only in Vegas would the record high be only 9 inches.)

Eternal Black Pit said...

Dude a hover craft would've been SWEET! I was gettin all's good though that you've been able to get that stuff. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

g.deadcatluver said...

That does sound like a lot of stuff. But I agree with gothic_chick, when are we going to get an update on Adam?

Nat said...

:( I wanted to help, too bad i'm not where you are Tommy.

Wow that is alot of stuff :P Gotta start makin' some cool pictures with those markers now XP I would SO paint a cool design on your walls in the haunted house if I were there :D

:') i'm so happy all the people of the Haunted House get to have that, they deserve it as much as anyone else. Have fun!

Merry Christmas!

Lots of Love,
Nat and :[Natalie]:

Murder She Wrote said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! That's great that you've been able get all that great stuff for the kids at the Haunted House. And yeah i agree with goth_chick...i'd really like an update on Adam...tell us how he's doing please????

forgotten savannah said...

the game of LIFE

Danielle Light said...

That's so neat. I'm very happy for all of you!
And a hovercraft would be very nifty.
I want one of those.
Merry Christmas!
-Danielle Light.

Danielle Light said...

That's so great. I'm so happy for all of you!
A hovercraft would've been nifty.
I want one of those.
Merry Christmas!
- Danielle Light.

ZombehCaitlyn said...

Oops! I meant urban dead. Anyways, the message is still clear, Its cool. Happy holidays.

P.s. Stay safe.

P.s.s. Tell Kevin because of his roscharach costume halloween, hes on my good list. *Wink*

P.s.s.s. Is kevin cute? Im just so giddy! ;D

I.E. Charisse said...

You should get everyone spray paint. They can spray paint walls and stuff, letting the creativity flow and such? Has anyone asked for a canvas? Wait, was that already on the list??

Jackie said...

i think it's really cool that you got all that stuff for the guys at the haunted house:) that's awesome!
anyways...i hope yall have a great holiday season:] be safe!!

Joyce :P said...

darn,no hovercraft :P Ah well, its amazing you got so much stuff

Zebra Gurl said...

Oh no hovercraft, that's just sad, even Zombie's need a hovercraft. The rest of your loot is pretty awesome though. Well Merry Undead Christmas and a Happy Zombified New year from the one and only

-Drum roll please-

Zebra Gurl

Anonymous said...

omg. this makes me think that you're actually a reality.
you're not just in books.
I love this.....
I cant explain how im feeling right now.
but it must be something good.

Anonymous said...

is adam a zombie now too?
i cried like a baby when i read generation dead the part when adam died.
what happened to Pete?
and I've been wanting to ask you this...
do you like Phoebe?
please answer me..please.

L33tJack said...

lol, thats so cool of you people to get giftz for the other zombies XD

-L33tJack The Freak-a-zoid

Anonymous said...

that is a big list Tommy!!haha that is sooooo great!!!hovercrafts would be cool to have tho...

Anonymous said... Tommy, how do you make your own web-site??I'm asking because I wanted my own site..ohkay..buh bye..

Anonymous said...

merry christmas everybody! ------lids

Chris said...

man... that hovercraft would have been so fun!!anywho.... merry (late) christmas..... have fun!!

Crystal said...

Merry Christmas Tommy and everyone at the house!!!

Larissa said...

Lots of stuff! Have fun and happy holidays!

Larissa ;P

Dominique is Amazing said...

I tried to make a hovercraft for a project last year..All it had to do was hold up an egg! But unfortunatly science hasn't caught up with our amazing imaginations yet :((


Tommy Williams said...

I agree, a hovercraft would have been sweet. But honestly, who among us would you trust to do the driving???

Anonymous said...

point taken about the driving thing one would let me drive a hovercraft either...not after I did when I was driving my golf cart...haha it wasn't pretty, now I can't even touch the golf cart let alone drive it!

DB Girl said...

LOl! "The Game of Life" how did the zombies react to that?tee hee.
I hope Tak...uh gets happier. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

l!zz.(: said...

i love the hovercraftt. you should've gotten onee. i would definately ride in itt. (:

p.s. hows adam?

lzz said...

I hope the zombies at The Haunted House like to draw then :P. If not, they can make paper cut outs!! Sucks there was mo hovercraft though, otherwise you guys could fly around town!!!! :(

April said...

Gee. Looks like my list. (In length.)

Anonymous said...

the game of life realy? thats awesomly ironic if u dont mind me saying

Mikey said...

Honestly, even if the hovercraft was real, I would've been more excited about the D&D book. lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Still on the idea that you guys could get some CDs, would be so cool.