Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Report

Faith and I went to the Haunted House on Christmas morning after exchanging presents. She bought me a nice pair of hiking boots and some other hiking gear and clothes; I went with an "all living" Christmas theme this year, giving her two potted plants, a cactus, and a hermit crab in a tank. Have you ever tried to wrap a cactus?

Karen and Margi made it over to the HH, but neither Adam or any of our other beating heart friends were able to come, which is too bad because we had a blast. The zombies had decorated a tree outside because they didn't want to cut one down for the inside. There were some decorations inside, and even Popeye got into the spirit by walking around wearing some ornaments. I won't tell you what he did with the hooks, though. Mal played Santa, wearing a hat and beard that Karen had picked up for him. Pretty much everyone from the HH community was there except for Tak.

The kids were pretty enthused about the gifts (no hovercraft as I mentioned, and we decided against the television and video games in the end), especially the art supplies. But you know what ended up being the hit gift of the whole event? Something that Karen (who swears she doesn't have a creative bone in her body) picked up: a spice rack.

Yes, a spice rack. The idea, she said, was that we could all use it to "practice" our sense of smell. How we're supposed to practice a sense I don't quite understand, but it was pretty interesting to everyone to discover that almost everyone could recognize cinnamon. I ended up being able to identify six of the seven spices on the rack, losing only to Karen, who edged me out of first place by correctly identifying turmeric. Turmeric? I don't think I could get that one right if I was alive, even.

"The sense of smell is our sense most connected with memory," Karen told everyone. This led to a number of people sharing cinnamon-infused memories of holiday's past, back when they were with their families, back when they were alive. It was a little nostalgic, a little sad, a little hilarious and mostly happy and heart-warming, the way all the best recollections are.

I thought I saw Tak drifting through the woods like a shadow when Faith and I were headed to the car to leave, but if it was him, he didn't answer when I called.


Meg/Minx said...

Be glad you can't smell turmeric, Tommy. It's the worst. LOL

Happy New Years!!

Paris said...

Turmeric?? Never heard of it. I probably would've have lost, I'm horrible at that kind of thing.
Maybe Tak has a bad memory of Christmas? or maybe he just wanted to avoid the 'beating-hearts'.

Christmas was, surprisingly, enjoyable with my family. Well, that one night at least. When they came over the day after, I was sick of them, haha. Glad you and everyone at the HH had a great Christmas! Next up, New Year!!

Whittney.R said...

HI Tommy, I have tryed to rap a cactis befor and if realy susker There were more needels in me and my close than on the plant. Turmeric realy dosen't smell pleasent, dosn't taste good eather.

Pipster said...

can't believe u didn't give them the video games though. "santa" got my family a Wii and we can't stop playing rockband.
if i were u i'd get Tak a nice big teddy bear.
he could hug it, or blow it up. whichever makes him smile!
Happy New Year!

Shoshana said...

I noticed you mentioned Adam! I wonder if that's supposed to mean something or was it just a Freudian slip?

Anonymous said...

Merry holidays.

How is 'new' Adam? (not to be offensive) Is he getting along well? Will there be a sequel?

Bella Phoebe Swan said...

Never heard of turmeric...i would have lost that game the same as Paris...Oh for Tak,he might need time to get used to how things patient...Hope ur holidays were/are good...{^_^}

Xx*lonleyraven*xX said...

Ya, how is he??? anywho, Looks like every one had a good Christmas! What is tumeric???

Anonymous said...

Hello. this blog is amazing.
i just finished reading the book. it was recommended to me by my niece's english teacher (yes, i admit i'm old - i'm almost 32) and i really really enjoyed it. and i just finished reading this entire blog, too.
this is awesome. it gives teens an idea of what activism could be, how it could function for them; the book and blog have to potential to make teens think about their lives, what they have and what they want. the tragedy of teen death is always what's left unfinished.
once i figure out how, i plan on joining the Wall (if i'm not too old!)
just, really, the whole thing is beautiful. i'm disabled, and going through junior and high school disabled was... bad. and i really think this book can make teens think about that, too.
i'm babbling. sorry. it's been a long time since i was this emotionally affected by a book, and it seems even bigger to me because i generally read Sci-fi, and not teen books at all. i will be recommending this book, and blog!, to all on my livejournal. thank you so much for all the work.

tommy - and karen! - seem real here. i wish they were, i would love to mentor them. i'm sure we could teach each other a lot.

animeface said...

I had a hermit crab once! And a cactus! But I think I'll pass on attempting to wrap either of those...
I think that's what decorative bows are for.

A spice rack? I would have never guessed!! It must have been a nice surprise. And it sounds fun too.
Next time, go for something easy like pepper.


gothic_chick said...

never heard of it and im kinda glad
poor tak i wonder why he didnt show
how is adam? can we pleace have an update? pretty pretty please with suger lumps on top?

ImThe'Laugh'In'Slaughter' said...

A spice rack. Who would have thought? I would have no hope of being able to recognize spices. Though I have taken the time to smell spices off a rack, for the most part, they smelled the same.

Does my brain not function correctly?

I also liked the 'life' theme for your mother's gifts. Different. Clever. I've never tried to wrap a cactus, but I have owned one...
It died.

I should bear a sign reading: 'WARNING! Do not come into touching distance of this person. You may not wake up tomorrow. Fiend has history of killing cactuses (or is it cacti?), and her father has killed innocent sea monkeys (the ones you grow in the little plastic tank), dropped them right to the ground. It is in her genetic makeup, so if you have any self preservation whatsoever, you will not come near this person.'
It would be fun to see peoples' reactions.

Oh, and congratulations Tommy, on hitting 301 on The Wall. And I applaud you on 301 and not 300 because we all know three-oh-one is way cooler than three hundred even.

bridget said...

glad evryone had a good x-mas...a spice rack that's diff but a presents , a present and as long as they like it that's what counts.
what happened to phebs? though for sure she'd be is adam doing?
well hope everyone has a happy new year and will be safe

Roxy said...

Happy New Years ! Gosh, you haven't written in ages =/ anyways, what's Karen talking about? Clearly she's being modest.

Eternal Black Pit said...

Hmmm...never heard of Turmeric, sounds kinda nasty though. Glad your holidays were fun...i wish Tak would get into the season. Karen's a genius for thinking of the spice rack, how is Adam. Please i'd really like to know.

---Happy New Year----

HallieTheDeadGirl said...

Dude. Tak is really starting to freak me out. Ha-Ha.
So glad you had a blast, as you said.
A cactus? Wow, Tommy you continue to amuse me. Man, i want to see your wrapping job on a CACTUS.
I've never heard of Tumeric, but I might just loko into it now, huh?
And a spice rack. WOW.

Love you Tommy!

Dahlia said...

This blog is pretty interesting. I'd seen it on a bunch of peoples profiles under the Followed Blogs thing, so I thought I'd check it out.
I've never read Generation Dead, but now that I've read about it on B&N I really want to. I'll have to look for it next time I go to the library.

What's turmeric??? I've never heard of it.
I don't really like cacti. Too dangerous and potentially painful. D:

Anonymous said...

that sounds great tommy!!!!karen was very smart to think of the spice rack!!!what was the average amount of spices everyone could identify?I hope everyone is doing well!!!merry late christmas!!!!

simply patti said...

heart warming?

I am glad you had a good holiday season...

Dominique is Amazing said...

I was dragged into a spice store by a friend once and ended up having every spice under the sun shoved under my nose! Sometimes the gift of smelling isn't always a gift! Happy New Year!

Sad about Tak. Wish he would come around.

Louie said...

Happy Holidays, Tommy!

Sounds like you all had fun! Well, except Tak...

Anyways, Karen was pretty creative with her gift! Never would have guessed...maybe...Hahaha

Well, I send you the best wishes and a Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what you guys at the HH will do for New Years Eve! If fireworks are involved, remember to be at a safe distance or you can blow your limbs off!

'Til next time!

Tommy Williams said...

You can't wrap a cactus, though try with all your might; turn up the radio, I want to fly a kite!

Interesting theory about turmeric, once again offered by non-creative Karen: she speculated that the reason I couldn't smell turmeric is because I'd never smelled it before, whereas she had (apparently it is used in Indian food, which she used to really like but I'd never had). She wonders if the only sensations we can "regain" are ones we experienced in a, um, "past life".

EmoGirl#55X said...

.....I have never heard of such a spice. Karen, your a genius!

I think Tak actually misses the christmas spirit but he didn't want anyone else to know, you know, to keep his cool.

Happy New Year!

tiamat100 said...

Wow. I would never be able to identify spices-they al smell teh same! This is surprising considering i'm interested in aromatherepy-you'd think i'd have a better sense of smell!
Anyway, the HH Christmas sounded cool. Karen is creative! I can think of about a dozen examples right now. Just speaking requieres creativity!
Pooe Tak. Maybe he had the same attitude towards Christmas as to KAren's "Prom commitee". Maybe it's because he feeld dejected by eveyrthing-even life itself, and so he doesn't want to keep up a pretence because it depresses him.
I don't know!
Anyway, this blog is great!

IGAslave said...

I hope veryone had a good newyear!! i wonder why tak is sooo against the "beating hearts" even those of us who want to help...

Anonymous said...

I think it's absolutely amazing that you can smell things even after death, especially because you are exchanging gifts and Karen was gutsy enough to bring something that you thought you couldn't do. Next christmas you should try tasting things.

:)KandiKupKakez(: said...

Tehe us "zombies" can have SO much fun... even if we are dead! I hope Adam is starting to adjust to being a "zombie" hope everything goes well(: I LOVE U ALLL!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Too bad Tak didn't join in, but at least everyone had fun. And I couldn't idenitfy that other spice if I had to, am I am alive. Sad that Karen could be me on that but ohh well.