Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Helping the Horde Get Animated!

There are now more than three hundred people on the Wall, zombie and trad alike. I had no idea that we would get so much support in such a short time.

I've been thinking about how I want to make Get Animated! more impactful this year; I think it will involve more than playing school sports and going to school dances. I want to initiate real change.

Can you tell I've been emailing Skip? That's why sort-of words like "impactful" start showing up in my vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tommy, you're right. We should think of different ways to help the DB's "get animated" !!

I think you guys should open up a store in the mall!! How cool would that be? Then, you guys could take shifts working at it and stuff. That would be a great way to get some of the slower ones moving, and it might bring them back more!! =]

Anonymous said...

haha. he always sorta creeped me out a little...but at least your vocabulary is improving!

Anonymous said...

I think for valentines day (or something like that) you should do a secret valentine thing like secret Santa with all of the DBs <3

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! MORE IMPROVEMENT!!! I'm really glad that stuff like this is possible...

Jacy, that shop Idea is perfect, though the amount of customers might take awhile to reach a satisfactory number... Some of the profits could be used to help research and stuff!!

Krystal said...

Three hundred~!!! More than halfway to my original semi-goal of five hundred!! (Although I can't really remember why I picked that number...)

Impactful isn't so bad. It's those words like 'motivational' that you want to watch out for.

2die4 said...

I don't really agree with the whole store thing, because where would the money come from? But, being a big supporter of Proposition 77, I think that you guys are doing a great job, and moving down the road so far as getting people involved is concerned.

Unheard Of said...

even though i still push the world's first DB-rock band idea 100%,
maybe u guys should think about not just posting a blog, but full out creating a massive website.
300 can turn into 3'000'000 pretty quickly. strike while it's hot and MAKE A SPLASH!

Dominique is Amazing said...

Yeahh! All 300 of us love you guys whether we're trad or zombie:) You should do like a PSA and get the word out:)

Blue Rose said...

can we please have an update on adam?????????????

Roxy said...

Oh, what would be cool is to start some sort of reality tv thing. But that might be a bad idea considering the few stuborn trads out there...

Natalie said...

HELP. I'm about to morally combust!
I wrote so much on fanfiction but it is going to take a looooong time to type out. I don't know what to do! What if no one ever goes on it anymore? will I have typed out this jacob-newborn-leah-imprint story for nothing? i'm scared...what if i have to delete it?

:( tears

Lots of Love,
Nat-the-on-going-failure :S

WhittneyAnn said...

Skip kinda scares me, But he sounds like he would make a awsome CHEERLEADER.


Paris said...

Awesome!! I'm now # 310, haha. And t comtinues to grow!

Congrats on being so popular, it won't be long now til it gets to 400!
Happy New Years!!
(Is this the first comment of 2009?!? I think it is!)

Unheard Of said...

why does no one back up my Zombie Band idea? :'(

WhittneyAnn said...

Hi Tommy how is Adam? The zombie band would be Fawsome. But how would you get the insterments and equipment?

WhittneyAnn said...

Hi Tommy, Geting Animated is so totaly Fawsome!!!!!!!! And I would also apresiate it if more people would check out my blog and tell me what they think of My life as a half Vampire.

Skip scares me more than clowns do.


Bridget said...

getting animated? sounds like a good idea.

I like the band and the store idea.


The MOST smartest blonde said...

Hey Tommy congrats on the 315 followers, how's Adam?

Anonymous said...

I like the store ida. It would also help more DB people befriend TB people. The Rock Band and reality show ideas sound like they'd work too.
At least this blog has made an impact. There are, presumably, now 300-somthing people who support your cause who didn't before.
Skip Slydell is a bit creepy. I think you should get T-Shirts made stating "Support Proposition 77!"
At least then more people woudl discover what proposition 77 is.
I have no ideas of my own for the "Get Animated" campaign, sorry.
This is an amazing blog!

Anonymous said...

Tommy you shouldn't worry that much I just think...
Oh never mind it is a terrible idea! but I was wondering if that what if you had all the DB people go to an adaption center.See I told you it was a terrible idea.
LOL!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry it just came to mind and I hope your not mad at me.

Anonymous said...

hmm.... adoption center? but most ppl have families... slightly flawe. oh well.

Anonymous said...

this chick has Generation Dead stuff for sale!! THEY ARE SO COOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Wait. Aren't those guys from "The Cure" DB?

So, if they are then we actually do have a rock band.

I play a pretty amazing kazoo if anyone wants to start a band.

Any takers?!

Bianca Wilde said...

Is it just me, or do you think of Skip as a faster-speaking, slightly younger version of WIlliam Shatner?
Un-live long and prosper, friends.

samantha_secret<3 said...

I am so backing up Pipsters idea, I think its rad!
A DB Band would be awsome, and the idea just sticks out:) Let us know anything you can about Adam:)

Tommy Williams said...

Hey Melissa--

Why would I be mad at you? I think that is a great idea, actually.


Tommy Williams said...

The Cure are zombies?

Shatner = Skip Slydell?


Too funny!


Anonymous said...

I think that all you are doing is greay tommy.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you but I wouldn't do too much because it might give some trads more fire power. Sure more is great but sometimes less is more full of impact. I'd start with like, going for class president? That might make more changes easier, but do what you feel is right in your heart (even if it no longer beats.)


P.S. : I wouldn't be lisening to Skip if I were you. I'm kinda aginst major companies taking over.