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Friday, May 27, 2016

Generation Dead, Generation Dead Book 2: Kiss of Life, and Generation Dead Book 3: Passing Strange are now available in print and digital editions.  You can help out by recommending them to readers who missed them or were too young to read them the first time around. Reviews on the new listings would be greatly appreciated as well, as would social media/blog/person you met on the bus mentions.

So would buying one, actually. Click  Danny's Amazon Author Page to find and order.

I hope to have the fourth book available by the end of June. The cover art is completed and is every bit as gorgeous as the others. Generation Dead Book 4: My Best Friends Are Dead will be available in print and digital, and will include (for the first time in a physical edition!) all four stories from Stitches, the MySoCalledUndeath blogs, and a number of never before seen stories. The new stories set the stage for the next novel in the series, Generation Dead Book 5: Get Animated!, which I'm planning on releasing next year.

Your support is not only appreciated--it is critical! One new reader for each person who read the series when it was originally released will help make GD5 happen, so anything that you can do to  spread the word and bring the next generation of Generation Dead readers into the Haunted House will make a huge difference.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Break My Heart 1000 Times

Phoebe and Margi's favorite new book, which will be released officially October 16. PS: it's sooooo scary!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

All Colette Wants for Christmas is...

Merry merry merry Christmas, everyone! I found Colette's very zombie Christmas list! It's pretty weird. She's been naughty all year so I don't think Santa will be delivering:

*A set of electric traaaaains

*Bread made of whole graaaaains

*A pair of Great Daaaaaaaanes

*A box of candy caaaaaanes

*An umbrella to stay dry when it raaaaaains

*Aspirin to cure all her paaaaains

*Oxiclean to remove stubborn staaaaaains

*Drano to clear clogged draaaaains

*And of course, the thing a zombie like her needs the most, braaaaaaaains! Braaaaaaaains!

Hee Hee! She hates when I do that. Actually she wasn't naughty at all and so I bought her a scarf. A pink scarf and maybe she will let me borrow it.

And what did You get from the jolly old elf this year?