Sunday, December 13, 2009

Road Report: Omaha

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post; but thank you to all the zombies who have been posting your memes. I asked Phoebe if she would post this for me when I was on the road, but she said that it was one I really ought to do myself.

I met a girl in Omaha. Her name is Christie Smith and she's a zombie.

I met her at a small gathering of zombies and we really connected. I'd really like to write more about her and how we met--I tried to get her to do Phoebe's zombie meme--but she's really, really shy.

But Christie and a few of the other zombies I met are going to be joining me on the rest of my travels. Right now there are six of us. I'm no longer hoofing it or catching Greyhound, either--the mom of one of the dead kids is driving us around in--get this--a white van.

Although, the van is so old it is really more of an off-white van. But I thought you'd think it was funny, anyhow.