Sunday, January 30, 2011

March of the Newlydeads

Busy week here at Oakvale High. We have like seventeen feet of snow on the ground (Okay, that's an exaggeration. A slight one) and we had two snow days and two delays this week. Plus, various sporting events and after school activities were cancelled. And everyone is in just a rotten mood. Rotten, rotten, rotten. I don't think anyone likes the snow except for maybe T.C., and the only reason that T.C. likes it is because there was a group of differently biotic kids coming up the icy concrete steps, and the maintenance staff hadn't done a very good job of sanding...and let's just say the results were not pretty. Unless you were T.C., who was standing on the sidewalk and pointing and laughing like that bully kid on the The Simpsons. And so I whipped out my mad ninja skillz and totally ginsued him with my flying fists of fury, and then I reduced him to a fine red mist with some Norrisian roundhouse kicks.

Except I don't really have mad ninja skillz. I do have mad notebook-decorating skillz, and crazy mad fashion skillz, but neither of those superhero-quality abilities seemed of use at the moment. So I just stuck my tongue out at him.

But not all of the week was bad. There are five, count them, five new newlydeads coming to school next week. Five! Omz! And guess who was appointed by Principal Kim to be the special Orientation Ambassador for these lucky, lucky students? That's right, yours truly. I'll get to show the new kids around the school and hang out and help them get acclimated and all that fun stuff. It should be fun, fun, fun!

Classes sure are getting crowded, though.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


That's my new catch phrase--OMZ, as in "Oh my zombie!" I always thought it was kind of blasphemous dropping the "G" word for every little silly thing that happens online or in life.

Omz, that's such a pretty dress!

Omz, Adam, you are so funny!


I can't come over tonight, Phoebe. Omz, I have so much homework to do.

I looked up Omz on Wikipedia and it turns out it is also the initials of a large Russian-based international heavy industry and manufacturing conglomerate. Oh well. Sorry, large Russian-based international heavy industry and manufacturing conglomerate! Omz is now the official catchphrase of Margi Vachon!

Don't know if you have following the news, but ever since Tommy's successes in the nations capital, there have been more and more reports of international zombie-ness. There's bunches of 'em in Canada and Mexico. There's dozens in the U.K. and France and Spain. Yay, Euro-zombies. And, omz, there's supposedly some in Tokyo, too! How cool is that?

Of course, not all these reports are credible, and supposedly some governments are suppressing zombies just like in the United States, and etc., etc., etc.

So if you know any international differently biotic folks, tell them we support them. Tell them to stop by, even! I'd love to hear zombie spoken with a French accent! Omz, that would be great!