Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Karen here, with a quick Halloween update. We've decided to have the first annual Haunted House Haunted House party this Halloween, in lieu of the treats that most of us have no use for (we're going to avoid tricks for the time being also, actually). I've done a quick poll of some of our friends to see what they are planning on going as, and here's what they told me, along with my own editorial comments:

Phoebe: A flapper (ooooh, pretty, I bet!)

Margi: Countess Bathory (Huh?)

Tommy: A zombie (jerk!)

Colette: "Evil Tinkerbell" (huh?)

Kevin: Rorschach (some sort of superhero, I guess)

Tak: (Stares sullenly, doesn't answer question)

Popeye: Pinhead (I won't tell you how he's making his "costume")

Tayshawn: Indiana Jones (Good for you!)

Adam: A zombie (big jerk!)

Sylvia: Hannah Montana

Melissa: Clown (Scary!)

Jacinta: "The Green Woman" (Not sure what this means, but apparently it involves wearing shrubbery)

Mal: Dumbledore (I can't wait!)

I was going to go as a "Traditionally Biotic Person" and dress in a way that I imagined would be incredibly ironic and funny, but A). I started to think it was a lame idea when Adam and Tommy shared their "ideas", and B). I kind of dress that way all the time, anyway.

So I need your help: What should my costume be?

What are you going as?

Ideas, people! (And please--don't tell me I should be a cheerleader!)

Bye sweeties!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All in All

Sweet--we now have over a hundred people--zombies/beating hearts/trads/differently biotic and maybe even some vampires (they aren't real, are they?).

Congrats to Erin!Mal for being #100. You will be given a hall pass when the inevitable zombie invasion occurs.

I'm just kidding.

About the hall pass.

I mean the zombie invasion.


Anyhow, if each of you were to recruit one more person, we'd have 200 people "on the wall". Two hundred and two, actually, thanks to our one hundred and first member, TheRealDeal04_Vamp.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kevin's Meme

Kevin Zumbrowski's meme, as collected by Karen and posted by me:

1. How did you die? An illness that I don't want to talk about. Even though I'm dead I still have nightmares about it.

2. How long have you been gone? A year

3. Death age/true age? 15/16

4. What do you miss most about being alive? I had a great collection of action figures.

5. What, if anything, is cool about being a zombie? Nothing

6. How did your family react to you coming back? My parents thought I was a monster and wouldn't let me come home. My uncle drove me all the way from New Hampshire to drop me off at the Hunter Foundation.

7. Most humiliating moment as a zombie? Not being able to speak quickly so everyone thinks I'm dumber than I really am.

8. Visible signs of zombiism? I'm slow, pale, and not growing.

9. Goals/ambition? I'd like to have another family some day

10. "If I were alive today, I would..." Be happy with what I have.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

History Test

The final results:

Tommy: 97
Phoebe: 97
Thorny: 91

Margi and Thorny have to split the on the milkshake bill and on my comic book. Thorny lost most of his points on the multiple choice questions, Margi got all of those but got marked off for her essay.

Thorny asked me if I wanted to go double or nothing on the quiz we have coming up: not above trash talking, I told him he might as well buy me a subscription now and end the suspense.