Saturday, May 30, 2009

Z.A.A. + The Growing Horde

800 people on the Wall! How did that happen?

A few more people will be sent wristbands if they email me at TommyWilliams17 at

CrazedKittyCat for suggesting Pekin, Illinois.

YourDeadFriendBee for suggesting Los Angeles, California.

Axel, for suggesting Marietta, Georgia.

On my swing into Georgia I might visit Montgomery county. I read a story recently about Montgomery County High School that disturbed me--the high school holds two proms, which are referred two by many students as "the white-folks prom" and "the black folks prom". I have to admit that I was amazed that there would be racially segregated events in any high school today;if America cannot clear these existing hurdles, I can't imagine that we'll ever see the day were zombies are fully included with living society.

You can read the article HERE.

I've got three more stops to select for Zombies Across America--keep those suggestions coming!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zombies Across America

I'll be making a stop in Netcong, NJ. Thanks to SNZA for the suggestion. SNZA, let me know where I can send your wristband.

That's four stops locked up--I need six more. Please keep your suggestions coming.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We've had a number of new people put themselves on the Wall--the horde is 750 strong!--so I thought I'd do a little updating for the newbies and newlydeads.

I'm Tommy Williams, this is my blog. I try to write about things that are happening in the zombie community. You can click onto the wall in the link at the right and join the virtual Wall, which is open to traditionally biotic and differently biotic people alike.

Every so often either Phoebe or Karen will write a guest blog. Come to think of it, neither has written here for awhile so I'll bug them.

I'm going to be taking a trip across America soon, and am looking for place to visit--if you think that your town would be a good place to check out, either because it is hospitable or hostile to zombies, let me know. Post to the blog and let me know where, and whether you think the town is pro or con zombie. Pro con zombie is not a delicious dip that tastes great with tortilla chips; that would be chili con carne.

Thanks to Lily Benan for suggesting a visit to Charleston, S.C. She, like the other nine people whose towns are chosen, will be sent a wristband from the Skip Slydell collection. So far I'll be going to Charleston, New Orleans and Memphis.

Stay whole,


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can I Visit Your Hometown II?

I've decided on two stops of my tour, which I'm calling Zombies Across America.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Memphis, Tennessee

Many thanks to Gabrielle and Fantastic Book Review for the suggestions. If you are either Gabrielle or Fantastic Book Review and would send me an email with an address I can send you a gift--a wristband that shows your support of the undead--I'll get it in the mail right away. My email addy is

TommyWilliams17 at

I've still got eight more stops to locate, so please keep the selections coming. I haven't been through all of the posts yet, so if you've already posted your suggestion you still have a chance.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can I Visit Your Hometown?

A few weeks ago I asked readers of this blog about how friendly/unfriendly your town is to the differently biotic. Now I have a new question to ask you, if you could help me out.

I'm starting to plan a trip across, and I'm looking for places to visit, the idea being that I would write about the places I visit and then post the writings on the blog. I'm looking to visit two kinds of places specifically:

1. Places that are very hospitable to zombies

2. Places that are very hostile to zombies.

If you would like me to visit your town, please post a comment to this blog with the following:

A. Your town and state
B. Whether your town is friendly or hostile to zombies
C. Why you think your town is friendly/hostile to zombies

I'd appreciate it. Phoebe and Karen are bugging me to do this as a contest or something, so if your town is picked for a visit we may end up sending you something for your trouble.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Membership Drive--Successful

Thanks to those of you who encouraged friends to join the Wall, which now has over seven hundred members.

You know what I don't miss at all? Allergies. Poor Margi has been sneezing up a storm.