Monday, May 4, 2009

Membership Drive--Successful

Thanks to those of you who encouraged friends to join the Wall, which now has over seven hundred members.

You know what I don't miss at all? Allergies. Poor Margi has been sneezing up a storm.


go with happiness said...

700! Whoot! Hope Margi gets better :D

DarkChibiShadow said...

Poor Margi.

I'm still worried about Adam-- are things going better? Or worse?


DairyArachnid said...

Lucky. I've been carrying tissues around with me for days. darn allergies.

Evernight87 said...

AAHH!!! i hate allergies. so far this year mine have not been too bad, knock on wood hope margi allergies get better! tell her to take some zyrtec, thats what i take and it works really well for me. and woot woot for 700+. that is so exciting. did you ever think that you could have such a great effect on so many people. i think it is amazingly awesome!
hope your day is going well!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 700!! Woo hooo! I hope margi gets better. I used to have TERRIBLE allergies... until I died. And then rose from he dead... you get the point. And how are things going with Adam. Kiss of Life needs to come out already!!!!!!

Werewolf Moon said...

Haha, poor margi! It's funny, werewolves don't really get allergies...though it'd be kind of ironic if we were allergic to dogs...HAHA. Guys it's a joke

``werewolf moon``

Wolfgirl said...

luckily, we werewolves aren't allergic to much.............. Except Cats!!!!!!!!!!!

soccrfrek1 said...

Poor Margi lol

Werewolf Moon said...

you're a werewolf?! ME TOO! WOW! That's crazy, i like never see another wolf on Tommy's blog. You should totally check mine out. I tried to look at yours but you don't have it set to be public or something.

``werewolf moon``

!*zombie luver*! said...

Awh poor Margi. I hate allergies. Congrats on 700, that's so awesome.
So, how is Adam doing? I've been worried about him. I hope everything us going okay.

XA4ever said...

oh my...
im sorta new here
don't wanna be offensive. just curious.
all of you actually go by the story?
like...u use the character names and all?
that's quite interesting...

Doire said...

^^ Allergies can be a real pain in the backside. I take Zyrtec and Cingulair and so far they help a little. I need to see an allergist. Hope the little one gets better soon. So far I only see 3 of the group members on the blog. I'll make sure more join.

RSoxy said...

ohh, that sucks. I guess no one would miss allergies. I have a cold right now and it sucks

sarah said...

'tis the season for allergies
mostly due to wind here in good old Chilliwack (small town in bc) luckily i am only allergic to grass so unless i decide to roll in it i'm good, though without the wind the pollen spores and seeds wouldn't find their destination to new soil and grow :(

[Ryan] said...

Man those allergies surely take us over sometime. Good thing you don't have them. Trust me, when you get a cold, it ain't fun. Next time Margi sneezes, tell her , "Brooklyn says, bless you!"

Kinder said...

Wall support. <3
And, on a side, can you believe this song?
I think it's rather anti-zombie. :[

Raschel said...

I so understand that! My poor sister is going nuts with the wind changing directions all the time, I'm fine thanks to my re-living.


Krystal said...

I have terrible allergies :(

Rawr Its Shauna said...

How could you miss allergies? I think they totally suck! I hope Adam and Margi get better soon.

Vanessa Jeans said...

There is a thin line btween love and hate, sanity and insanity. Try as they might to terminate the zombie population, we are still so strong. People who are filled with so much hate for those of us who have already lost our rights and are punished for what we are should try spending a day in a zombie's shoes. Then they'd see how hard it is. People who are scared of the zombie population are only scared because they fear the unknown, those who are different. If we, the living and the dead alike, are willing to put aside our differences, we can make them see just how normal we really are.

Sorry for being totally off topic but I was just reading through the posts and wanted to say something.

I REALLY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ADAM so Tommy, If you could, ANY info at all would be wonderful!

Tell all the zombies and trads alike at the haunted house that I said hi (From Vanessa). Lol. Bye Bye For now! <3

Bianca Wilde said...

All my firends have allergies and I don't... it's hilarious. :D
What were you ellaergic to, Tommy?

Tara said...

OH MY GOD!!!! The allergies comment totally hits home!!! I HATE Them!!! Just yesterday my friend asked me if I was crying, when really I had just had a horrible sneeze attack! Seriously though, I could sneeze 20 times in a row in under a minute with my allergies.
<3 always,

Samantha said...

Ha ha I do not get allergies. I hope Adam is okay. I think he will have to live with Phoebe (I think his parents will kick him out.)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! 700!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ugh! Hate allergies! Speaking of allergies I'm having an allergy attack right now! (I have allergies to cats and my cat is right in front of my so I can barely see out of my eyes cause they are itching and one is swollen (Don't ask why I have a cat when I'm allergic to them I just love my kitty to death))

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hi dear Tommy♥
I hate allergies, I´m allergic of everything, I´m always sneezing and coughing.
Hope Margi gets better.
Take care!


" "

Tommy Williams said...

I'm sorry that so many of you suffer from allergies. I don't recommend zombiism as a cure, though.


Meggan Michelle said...

sweet, im the most recent joiner of the wall! theres over a 1000!! whoot

Anonymous said...

Ugh!I know how you feel Margi!I hate alergi season,it is not fun,its posessed by the devil,lol!But seriously i think i might be the first 13 year old to die from sneezing to death(no pun intended)

Anonymous said...

Omg, im only allergic to some medications and sertain types of pollen. What were you allergic ti, Tommy? And please tell Maggie that Allegra works great for such things.


Anonymous said...

Alergies are so evil...I hate them. I haven't died from them but they do cause major issues. Hope you feel better soon though, Maggie.


Anonymous said...

Becomeing a zombie to get rid of allergires? Cool idea but not really a thought that I wish to put into action. Well then again becomeing a zombie just to do so is also not such a bright idea. I'm a trad and would like to stay that way, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Ohh, I hope that Margi feels beeter some. And our horde is even stronger, yahoo!