Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can I Visit Your Hometown II?

I've decided on two stops of my tour, which I'm calling Zombies Across America.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Memphis, Tennessee

Many thanks to Gabrielle and Fantastic Book Review for the suggestions. If you are either Gabrielle or Fantastic Book Review and would send me an email with an address I can send you a gift--a wristband that shows your support of the undead--I'll get it in the mail right away. My email addy is

TommyWilliams17 at

I've still got eight more stops to locate, so please keep the selections coming. I haven't been through all of the posts yet, so if you've already posted your suggestion you still have a chance.


Wolfgirl said...

Dear Tommy,

As i have said befor, plese come to my home town! I live in Raleigh, N.C. Me and my friends would realy appricate you coming to visit our hopme town. Any where in North Carolina would be good though, we can get there, mostly. Keep rocking on!


Bianca Wilde said...

Ah! Tommy!
Why don't you come to Los Angeles??? You can totally stay on my couch.... okay, well, since you don't sleep you can totally use my computer! <3
And OMG the stupid bookstore STILL has yet to recieve ANY copies of the new book so... I'm very upset, needless to say.

Paris said...

Cool! Hope you like it in those two places :)

I still think that you should come to Newbury Park, CA (on a map, it may be Thousand Oaks, CA) I don't think that there are any zombies around here, and I haven't seen anything on the news about zombies. My mom (and me for that matter) didn't even know that you guys existed until I found this blog.
I think that it would be good for this town to get some exposure to you guys.
And hey, on your way in or out of here, you can stop by Hollywood :) haha, it's very close by.
Hope that you can make it here! *crosses fingers*

Minx said...

i agree w/ imawolfgirl. NC is pretty hospitable to zombies. as is Asheville, NC

Anonymous said...

Dear Tommy,

You need to come to Norman, OK. Norman is the home of the University of Oklahoma. It is a college town and completely open-minded. Zombies would definitely be welcome. Norman, OK has a Barnes and Noble and a Borders. Norman is only 30 min. away from Oklahoma City, OK (the capital).

Oklahoma is having some nice weather right now (if you don't mind some rain storms).

The Book Girl said...

I hope Syracuse is still an option! You don't want to visit only big towns, do you? Then you wouldn't be getting the full experience ;-)

Werewolf Moon said...

I really think you should come to Coopersville. It's down near Marietta Ohio, it's a TINY town so all you gotta do is go to Marietta or anywhere near there and ask any DB you see where we are and they'll probabaly know.

``Werewolf Moon``

BellaPotter said...

Hey hey! You Would love Richmond, Virginia Its Awesome people here are great!

Axel said...

Like I tried to say before...
You should come to Marietta, Georgia!!!

elfgirlunltd said...

Hey Tommy! I'm in college so I kind of live in 2 places... Searcy, Arkansas and Lakewood, Colorado. I don't know if Searcy even has a zombie population. If they do, they're all either in hiding or everyone's very tolerating of them. Being that this is a college town, there are many diverse people out and about constantly, so if Searcy has no zombies, I think they'd be pretty tolerable. And yet there are those old sticks-in-the-mud...
As far as Lakewood/Denver goes, I'm not really sure about the zombie population there either. I really don't think the city is very tolerant of them though. "Different" takes some time to get used to in the suburbs...

Nicole said...

Dear Tommy,

You should come to Stockbridge, Georgia. Trust me, not all of us are red-necks and gangstas. I think it would be very interesting to meet you. I'm not sure on how people will react, but that adds to thrill of it.

Keep doing what you are doing.


Taylin said...

Hey Tommy (:

I think that you should come to Orange County, California. The city I live in is neither against or for zombies and that is because they aren't aware of this rising phenomanom (no pun intended about the rising). I live in Aliso Viejo, California, which is near by Laguna Beach if you were wondering. You coming here would be much appreciated (:

Taylin (:

qtmelnee said...

You should totally come to Portland, OR. They're very excepting of everyone (for the most part that is). It would so awesome! You're awesome! LOL. Hope to see ya!


Lita138 said...


You should totally come to the Bay Area, CA. I think it's generally pretty open minded here. The cool thing about CA is it's big enough that you can find your rural areas and your cities! Come to the Bay Area we will welcome you!

C. F. Harvell said...

I think you should really make your way to New Bern, NC. I would love for that! And I think they would be good to you =D

Amber said...

seriously! Burlington NC! You have got to come here! people would flip and my friends love Zombies!


Raschel said...

Hope you have fun in your different runs across the country. Maybe I'll do one too..who knows! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy! I've posted this before (read the comments for the last post) and so has Dia, but come to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! Don't leave Canadian cities out of this please, and Ottawa is a great place to start a Canadina tour. I know 3 zombies in town and they don't exactly fit right in, but they have gotten homes from some nice people. You'd also be doing a favour for some zombies because they are havin g a really hard time adjusting, and though there are more than just them as undead, they could really use your help in adjusting. Please please please come!

Lily Benan said...


I still think you should come to my hometown, Charleston, South Carolina! I live on Sullivan's island, which is much better. Charleston would be hostile, yet Sullivan's Island is hospitable.

Charleston is hostile because the people are impatient, and can't deal with someone that may be a threat (even though you're not!!!!) They would be like, "Holy crap, another zombie, we better stay away, or kill it! Or better yet, kill 'em all!" I think you should go and show them that we (I, Lily, am a zombie too) aren't a problem, we are just people trying to fit into a society that doesn't want them, and some of us have already had enough trouble in our lives, and that we don't need anymore from them! But you said you wanted to come to a hostile town, so… here you go! And it adds thrill to the Zombie Across America!

On the other hand, Sullivan's Island, two bridges away from Downtown Charleston (20 min), where my actual house is, would be SUPER HOSPITABLE! There are such diverse groups of people; everyone would welcome you with open arms! I am kind of the leader of the zombies at my school, kind of like you were at Oakvale! When I told them that I suggested that you came we threw a party, which is what we would love to do for you if you came! We have this great hangout where you could stay, like the Haunted House, but we call ours the Graveyard. We have bands like Grave Diggers, One Rose Up, and, by favorite (but that might be cuz the members are my best friends!...) Get an Undeath! We have a blast! Its official name, as you could read in my blog ( is The Undead Center. We have places to stay the night, to hang out, and to dance! Like the Haunted House, right? You could come their and visit all my friends, like Chloe, Troy, Me, Ethan, Madison, Josh, and Madison! As well as my trad friends Sarah, Mia, and Devin! We are all crossing our fingers! *crosses fingers, toes, legs, arms, and eyes* Please come to either… or both! Because they are right next to each other, with the Undead Center close to both. You could even count it as one stop! Charleston!

Also, you should visit small towns too, to get the whole experience of traveling across the country!

Z- double A- all the way!

~Lily Benan

P.S. Pleez come, I’ve given you the reasons! If you really want to go to towns, I have given you the info, I really want you to come, so PLEEZ COME!
And sorry if I took up a lot of space righting, I just really feel that you should come, and I had a lot to say. :-)

MandyCookie said...

i totally just got people to read GD in my school and they really loved it! Please come to Bluffton S.C! we love you here! And people here are starting to check out your blog! Come see us please!!!

Simply a memory said...

Ello Tommy,

My name is Stormy, I'm 18 and a senior in a very small high school.
I just wanted to tell you that I really admire the work you are doing. I sincerly believe you will make a change in the way the world views the "differently biotic" eventually the trads will come to see that once you get past the obvious differences we are all really honestly one in the same. I believe zombies should be given the rights just as the trads have!
I also wanted to let you know that in my hometown of Jasper Tx, you have many teenagers as well as adults standing behind you and your works. I speak on behalf of us all when I say it would be a priveledge to have you visit our small town, I believe we could all learn alot from you. Give my regards to collette, Phoebe, Margi and the rest. =)

With love,
~Stormy Ann~

Anonymous said...

I live in Ohio. Lots of people like zombies around here..especially in Columbus.
Just stay away from the rural areas..lots of people are suspicious of the unusual around there.

Sonakaru said...

Come to Omaha, Nebraska!
The center of the country!
It is kind of unfriendly to Zombies...
The ones we have here, at least.
You should still come, a lot of us midwesterners could come.

Jacy said...

ZOMG! Tommy! You have to come to Jacksonville, FL! It would be amazing! We have tons of differentely biotic people here!

Jada said...

You should come to Rockford, Illinois!

Lara said...

Dear Tommy,

You should come to Miami, Florida or any city in Broward County. I live in Coral Springs, but of course, that city is one you don't hear about unless you live in Broward County, so Miami would be better. We are very Zombie friendly down here. We also don't mind Vampires or werewolves ;) . I am absolutely in love with the books and am almost finished reading the second one. I would be finished with it already (I am a very fast reader) but I have had no time. You know how it is. Well, I guess you don't, I forgot, you don't sleep. Well I have had school all day and have youth group at night with our church/school. So you should totally come down, the weather is great. You would love.

-your friend

Anonymous said...

Dear tommy,

you could always come to my home town...

not really you're probably some weird creeper.

peace out girl scout

Corin! said...

Hey Tommy!
I think it would be cool if you could visit my hometown, which is the very generic, Abingdon, Maryland.
It's got a ton of people here and we have quite a few zombies as well.
Anyway, my town is both pro and con zombies! It's basically split in half. The northern side of town (which includes where me and my friends live) is pro zombie. We all are friends with zombies, and all the neighbors and priests and parents and school affliates are totally cool with zombies (or differently biotic, whichever you prefer!)

Buuuuut, the south side of town is very, well, con zombies. They've ran out all the undead kids that tried to go back there, even killed a few. And a good number of people there are highly religious and believe the only way god will forgive their sins is my massacring every zombie in the immeadiate area. Ridiculous, right? So who knows, maybe you could go to both parts of my town! Either way, we'd (North side) love to have you :)

Miss Ophelia said...

Come to either Seattle, Washington or Port Orchard, Washington.
Both are very pro zombie, we even have horror rock night dedicated to those who are dead and support the dead. However, don't go to Tacoma (Wa), anyone of the Tri-cities (Richland, Kennewick, or Pasco Wa), Forks, or Spokane. Definatly. Not. Pro. Zombie.

MaiaShino said...

i'm wondering if you would come up to canada. my little town of Osoyoos in BC would probably love for you to come. my town would probable be half and half. lots of people here would be very open to you, accept you for who you are, but some wouldn't be so open.

Hope you come

K@!0t! said...

Ooh! Portland, Oregon is definitely pro-zombie! There are a lot of freaks there (no offense-I happen to be one of the freaks myself) who would be simply delighted if you visited. I really think that this is one of those things that you just have to experience in your lifetime, you know? Anyway, please come to Portland!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tommy,
You should come to St. Clair, Missouri. We are a small town with no excitement. I thought you could come liven up the place. No pun intended. Also, I know very few people who have read your books, and I think you could encourage them to do that. Go differently biotics!!!


kayleigh said...

I believe my hometown of Seattle,Washington is a zombie, i mean diffrently biotic friendly place to visit. Seattle is a very upbeat place that always likes to help the cause of others. We are on the west coast so we dont have as much of an idea of what is going on back east so you could come inform others and we are very mellow people so im sure we will listen.

Shanley said...

It would be great for you to come to my hometown! Birmingham, AL has a mixture of openmindedness and loyalty to Rev. Mathers that needs to change. With you here maybe more will change their views. You do, however, have a strong support group here. We welcome you any time!
Good Luck!

madiSON said...

Hey Tommy I already posted on the other hometown forum but you should really come to trussville alabama. I would love to meet you though some of the teens are mean there are nice ones and the parents are super nice and I know about 25% (Not a big percentage) of people have read generation dead and love the book. I hope that you will come and have a great time. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
P.s.- if you do come please please please let me know cause I would loooooooooooooooove to meet you. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):)

Anonymous said...

hey tommy, you should come to clearwater,Florida it would be awesome to see you and finally meet you. me and all friends would would be soooooo happy if you came and we're very pro zombie. we really hope come to cleawater,Florida!!
~stephanie :)

Lovely Lauren said...

Hi, Tommy. I think you should definently come to Columbus, Indiana. It would most likely bo very...I want to say pro, but I know that some of the older folks and parents might think that zombies are a bit...unwanted. It is a very good place for you to come to. I think that if you came to Columbus, Indiana, mostly the teenagers would welcome you. It seems like in my town that most teens are accepting to change because we've known it all of our lives. Adults are unlikely to accept you, though, I'm sad to say, because they are set upon their life difficulties(unlike your difficulties and teen difficulties) and are not willing to change. I really, really, hope you choose Columbus as one of the towns you come to! I'd bet that everyone would like to see some excitement here for a change:). And if you can't come to Columbus, you can always just go to Indianapolis. It seems like a pro-zombie place to me;).
With Love,

Megaroo((: said...

heyy tommy(:
Not planning on coming to a little town like fresno or modesto, are yuu? Yuu should take a stop.. It'd bee freaking amazing.. haha cause I think matbe i'm like.. in love with yuu. and would love to meet yuu. Seriously. let's spread the word here about the undead... pretty pleaase?? xoxox-


imreading said...

i just got done reading kiss of was kinda sad but oh so good! you should totally come to seattle, wa. see i was rooting for you and phoebe and my sister was rooting for phoebe and adam. anywho you should totally make a pitstop in washington. safe travels and peace!

Anonymous said...

i would love you to visit my home town i love the fact of a zombie i just emailed you! my name is ashley and my blog is bitchygirl199603 email me or blog me BBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE!

Love ya

Kelsey the Ewok said...

North Carolina, for the win Tommy.

Wilmington, NC perferably. not the capital, not the mountains, but by the beach. You would make a fantastic beach model if I do say so myself. *pulls out her camera and hopes* ;)

We've got the University of North Carolina at Wilmington here, and plenty of diverse folks. And there's no way I would let anyone hate on the differently biotic that came here, just like I don't put up with hatred towards the traditionally biotic.

Keep writing Tommy, and I'll keep reading.

~Kelsey the Ewok

Lizzie said...

Hello Tommy. I'm such a fan of your work. Seriously, I think you're very brave to be doing this and I respect you greatly for that. Who cares if you're a zombie? You're still kick-ass awesome! Anyways, maybe you would like to stop by Minnesota sometime? I know there's not much to do there but I'd really love to have you!

Anonymous said...

I think you should come to chicago write awesome should sell zombie merchendise on here.I bet alot of people would buy it.


sara said...

u should come to my hometown its really small though. i live in boyertown i haven't seen any zombies or if i have i wouldn't know lol but u should still come a lot of people would like it if u came. especially my reading teacher. she is so nice she loves all her students like they are her own children unless u start a riot. hahaha. or at least cause trouble

Anonymous said...


U should visit north port or port charlotte florida plz we would totally luv it :)

- jaZZ

Renesmee said...

Hey Tommy,
How is it going out there on the road I hope you are ok out there.
Come to Hazlehurst , Georgia
I think it is very friendly here so you might be able to make some new friends here. You just need to know who to hang with

Megan said...

I live in New Orleans, Louisiana, that's awesome that your coming here Tommy :) --zombie supporter--

emocupcakes said...

Hey Tommy you should come to
stands for Salt Lake Utah

A)Our intials are SL,UT what more could you ask for.
B)Were way friendly to visitors(including the kind that supernaturally active)
C)There are a lot of things to do here
Hope you visit

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Poquoson Va, or at least somewhere near it.