Saturday, May 30, 2009

Z.A.A. + The Growing Horde

800 people on the Wall! How did that happen?

A few more people will be sent wristbands if they email me at TommyWilliams17 at

CrazedKittyCat for suggesting Pekin, Illinois.

YourDeadFriendBee for suggesting Los Angeles, California.

Axel, for suggesting Marietta, Georgia.

On my swing into Georgia I might visit Montgomery county. I read a story recently about Montgomery County High School that disturbed me--the high school holds two proms, which are referred two by many students as "the white-folks prom" and "the black folks prom". I have to admit that I was amazed that there would be racially segregated events in any high school today;if America cannot clear these existing hurdles, I can't imagine that we'll ever see the day were zombies are fully included with living society.

You can read the article HERE.

I've got three more stops to select for Zombies Across America--keep those suggestions coming!


Steph Bowe said...

Okay, I know this doesn't count as Zombies Across America, but I'm still going to throw this suggestion in.

Come to Australia!

Melbourne, the city where I live, is ridiculously culturally diverse, to the point where you aren't quite sure who was born here and who was born overseas. While you might stand out on the white sand beaches of Queensland, in Melbourne, everyone wears grey, it's usually pretty dreary (especially this time of year) and, honestly, I'd be surprised if half of our population aren't zombies. That said, we have fantastic places to go and things to see - usually at night, which does lead one to believe that paranormal beings live among us - and everyone out here is real nice.


Morgan said...

I live in north GA so I wont suggest to stop where I live but I may have to visit you when you come through <3

Paris said...

Yay you're gonna stop by LA!
Be sure to tell me when you're there!
or better yet, come on up here on your way out of LA. I live in Newbury Park, CA and we're about half an hour north of LA.
Hope you can stop by, but if not, hope I see you in LA!

elfgirlunltd said...

I know I suggested it before... but you should really come to Denver, Colorado! It really is amazingly diverse in the downtown area, but it seems to get less so as you get into the suburbs. And though people are pretty accepting of differences, most of the neighborhoods are pretty separated into "white" and "black" and "good" and "bad", if you know what I mean. And the homeless downtown are not treated well. I haven't really heard or seen one way or another about the treatment of zombies, but if the homeless are treated as less-than-human, I have to wonder how tolerant the city really is. I love where I live and I think you'd find it an interesting stop.

Werewolf Moon said...

Cleveland or Akron Ohio. They'd both be great places for you to visit.

``werewolf moon``

Aliah Veith said...

OMG OMG OMG Just incase u missed my other comment....

San Antonio, Texas

its Hospitable
And it can be Hostile
So you can write about both here!!

You should come because I totally know people would LOVE to meet you!
And a few that would LOVE to hate you. So i think you should come here! PLUS we never have anything kool like zombies, we just get bands:( OHHH maybe if you come here we can go to a concert!!! AHAHAHHA *squeal* Haha Okay well think about it!!!

p.s. can i buy that merch? Because I totally want some..... and i'm soo willing to pay for it! As would my friends!

Anonymous said...

I think you should go to Philidelphia, PA. Just a suggestion from being there myself. Plenty of nice people and a handful of hostile haters all around, but you gotta know where to look.

Anonymous said...

Nashua or Manchester NH, both great places to visit with really nice people. and i read an article like the one about Montgomery in girlslife, it really is sad that they can't just have one prom.

Lacey said...

At my high school in ohio we have this thing called character education. One of the biggest things taught is to accept others. Everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, wealth, disabilities, everyone is acceptence. It's taught all year but there's a few days that they even take us out of school for it or have speakers come to the school. I feel like my school is very open and accepting of everyone. I've always felt comfortable there and I think everyone else does too. Email me if you'd like more info.


Lacey =)

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hello Tommy!
Well, I know, you aren´t comming to Mexico, so I agree with Aliah Veith, San Antonio, Texas.
I´ve been there like once a year, and it´s really hospitable.
It´s really cool there, and I´ve heard that in a town called "Grean" or something like that lives a zombie cowboy, and his friends, and there´s a zombie club too.
Well, just an option.
Gotta go!
I love you Tommy!

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

I read teh article, it´s really sad and strange.
I hope you go there and do something.

soccrfrek1 said...

Dear Tommy,
You Can Come To Mooresville, North Carolina. I'm Pretty Sure No1 Would React Badly If They Saw You. So E-mail Me.

Tara said...

Oh my gosh! I read that article in cosmogirl! Its my sister's magazine, and we were reading it together. Its so wrong whats going on in their school, although I think its nice what some of them are trying to do with the integrated prom. I am soooooo hyper right now!! I just felt the need to tell EVERYBODY that because I'm an honest person! Yay!
P.S. I am so sorry for how weird this comment is. 12 cans of mountain dew later and I write something like THIS!

Unheard Of said...


Evernight87 said...

okay well since california is now taken, may i sugguest Olympia Washington? I dont live there but i have family who does, and it is so beautiful. The people are really nice and they are even polite drivers! Olympia is a sight to see. I find it so beautiful and the air there is wonderful! if i could up load a pic for you on here i would! well have an awesome day

MaliceInWonderland said...

I know you chose a city in Georgia, but I'd have to add Atlanta, Georgia to the hostile list after reading your other blog. It's Kanye's hometown, so enough said. If he can't even be open to books, then he won't be open to zombies. Plus, they won't have much nutrition with the lack of brains due to the prejudices still in existence with the prom story and such.

b.mash. said...

as sad as it is, no matter how much time evolves, there will always be the ones who are afraid of anything different. i would suggest my hone town but it seems to me, that small towns are the least to be accepting on such matters.
living in this tiny 3 red light town and visiting a place like las vegas is totally different. in my town, if you put pink in your hair, it gets you looked at strangely. i doubt that anyone would break out pitch forks and torches but society is full of unpredictable behavior.
When i went to vegas things like piercings, tattoos , wild hair, wild (but great) makeup, sexuality, etc. etc. are nothing but the norm. here its considered freak. small towns seem to look at things with a smaller minds as to what is acceptable in society.
so have fun with the tour and if you have any questions, put it in the next blog or whatever and i will keep up with it and let you know.

good luck, i know you will need it for the difficult places.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, Montgomery County isn't the only place in Georgia with segregated proms. In Ocilla, Ga there is a "private prom" aka the white prom. "The Prom" aka the black prom is held at the school. Whites sometimes go to both, but blacks have never been to the white prom. I wouldn't call it racism as much as i'd call it tradition, but i still don't like it. Either way i don't plan to go to the white prom or the black prom.Proms are for drinking and getting pregnant and doing drugs. If i do go to the prom, i'll be the one white girl at the black prom in my duck tape prom dress.
soon they'll start having a zombie prom. Then i'll go there.

Ruby said...

That is so pathetic that people are still segregating races! I thought that Americans decided that they were bigger than that. I guess not! You're right that if we can't even get along with black and white people, then there is no hope for zombies being intergrated. There is an "upsetting" concept to zombies, but not one for blacks, yet we still segregate. Wise up America!
Also, though it's Zombies Across America, you should put in a few Canadian stops. Please visit Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (this must be annoying, so it's my last time that I'm asking). Please consider it!

RealisElastic said...

i still think you should come to denison texas. ^_^ popeye would love it. since hes a self proclaimed artist. we are really diverse. however if you come to denison you get a 2 in one. sherman texas is really hostile. (btw sherman is the closest town to denison) but denison is hospitable. of course sherman is like a miniature dallas. so please consider it. you havent got a texas town yet... and texas is big. (and denison doesnt have any white vans)

Katie said...

Please come to Knoxville! After the movie came out, people are so against zombies. You need to change what they think! We need you here more than we know. Please give us a visit!

shyyettalkkativegirl72 said...

heyy tommy! you should come to Wilkes-Barre PA!!! not too many zombies around here, but many zombie-lovers!!! id especially love it if u came!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles, CA would be really awesomeeee!!!! ^^

Taylin said...


Los Angeles is good enough for me :D

xxxemogrlxxx said...

come to either murrayville or jacksonville illinois that would be awesome because it gets really boring around here during summer

xxxemogrlxxx said...

oh!and i love the books im currently reading the second one kiss of life it is so cool and i just got it yesterday!

Lucien Drage said...

even though you are already going to be in New Jersey over in Netcong, I still think you should come on out to Moonachie, NJ. The town is relatively small, so everybody knows everybody else. Even if anybody has any problems with each other or any skirmishes, it is over small, trifling things. There have never been any reported problems of racism or bioism in the town, so zombies will me more than tolerated. As stated before, the differently biotic have been fully integrated into the school system and the work force. Our differently biotic range from those who can barely walk and move about to those just as "come back" as yourself and Karen. Several of my friends are differently biotic.

I would guarantee you would have a warm welcome to the town of Moonachie, NJ. My fiancee and I would gladly show you around, not just the town but to the neighboring towns as well so you could see just how much the differently biotic are integrated and accepted.

Please come out to Moonachie, NJ, Tommy.


Amber said...

Burlington, NC. I'm telling you!

Anonymous said...

hey tommy!!!
PLEASE COME TO SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA!!! that would mean alott if you did!!!

-zombies(like you) rock:)

Unknown said...

Dear Tommy,
I heard of you dilema with places to look for and travel, and I think that you should come to Wilmington, North Carolina, for the people here are utterly insane.
In our town/city thing, we don't have any differently biotic, since the people down here are very mean and hostile toward everything different than themselves. Or they have been murdered. There is not that much notification of you guys here, cause no one cares enough. Heck, they still think that the civil war is going on.
I think that the people here are so hostile toward zombies because they don't have anything else that they can damage. Plus, there is a lot of alcohol and drugs around here, so. . . .

Anyway, I hope you consider comeing here on your rode trip, and I won't stop reading.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy! You should come to West Virginia! Even though it's not a big state, it's got a big heart. There is also a lot of really creepy stuff that goes on here like the Moth Man and other stories. It's really amazing here and everyone is pretty hospitable. ( To everyone, including zombies!) Consider it, once you come you won't regret it!


Jessica said...


Would you be willing to cross the northern border - do they issue passports to zombies? - if you can get here, Ottawa ON Canada would be extra welcoming - Canadians stake their reputations on it.


Anonymous said...

you should come to Knoxville TN.
that would be cool.
and everyone is pretty nice..they are to me at least.

Anonymous said...

you are so cool. :)
since you are coming to Memphis you should come to North East TN.
we dont really get that many fun things to do around here so being a teenager kinda sucks. haha.
so you should come and give us something to look forward too.

Unknown said...

Dear Tommy,
I heard of you dilema with places to look for and travel, and I think that you should come to Wilmington, North Carolina, for the people here are utterly insane.
In our town/city thing, we don't have any differently biotic, since the people down here are very mean and hostile toward everything different than themselves. Or they have been murdered. There is not that much notification of you guys here, cause no one cares enough. Heck, they still think that the civil war is going on.
I think that the people here are so hostile toward zombies because they don't have anything else that they can damage. Plus, there is a lot of alcohol and drugs around here, so. . . .

Anyway, I hope you consider coming here on your rode trip, and I won't stop reading.

saramuffins said...

i wish you would go to carrollton ga instead of marietta ga. carrollton is a smaller area full of country folk and grr preps...there are a few misfits that totally support the undead.

Anonymous said...


Jen-nay said...

Hey Tommy!

I'm a big fan, I'm on the website all the time! I think you should come visit Detroit, Michigan. It would be amazing to see you! Michigan is very diverse. Though most of the people here aren't very accepting of people that are different.
I know that if you come here. A lot of people would show up to see you. Not only am I a fan, but ALL of my friends are too.
Plus, we never have anything as cool as a zombie show up here. We aren't a very popular state. So you showing up might help us out here. Who knows? haha

Hope I can see you!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You should definitely check out MA. I know it's near home for you, but my town is actually pretty accepting of everyone. We celebrate differences. =)

PromiseMetheMuseofNight said...

You should come down to FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!

I live in Tampa, Fl, But I'd also suggest Orlando. Both are SUPER diverse, A) because this is where, not to be rude, all the old people come from up north, and B)for whatever reason we have this HUGE population of Hispanics, Blacks, Mixed, Asian, European, Canadian, and Northerners.

I can't honestly say how many of the differently biotic we have, because to stand out in these cities, you'd have to be blue, with pink and green hair sporting a Aquamarine turban while twirling in a jingly tutu; still, if you did that, they might just redirect you to the nearest laundromat to find the rest of your outfit.

Everyone stands out in a weird way, so that we stand together, the same in our contrasts.

Please, please, PLEASE come!! I can finally win my running argument with a guy friend of mine that there's no NEED to prepare for the Zombie apocalypse, because they are just Differently Biotic!

So come on down, we've got a million and twelve places to go, see visit and agonize over. We've even got (shudder) Disney World...If there's a large colony of the differently biotic, paranormal, or just plain creepy anywhere, then the largest is Disney...


Shaelynn said...

Oh yeah there's deff some DB kids at Disney. And, we do have a lot of diversity down in Orlando. I've also heard Jacksonville is welcoming, too:) Every place has it's haters, though. I truly think Orlando/Jacksonville would be the place for you to go, Tommy.

Anuraduh said...

Come to Malden Missouri.
It's a little town sure, but that just means it's easier to meet everyone. Yes, it's no New York, but there are plenty of different kind of people here, and I'm sure they would be more than accepting of the zombie kind, I mean DBs!!!

Anuraduh said...

Come to ,Malden Missouri!Tt's a little town, sure, but that makes it easier to meet everyone! We are really friendly, and there are many different kind of ppl here. I'm sure everyone would be accepting of the zombie kind, I mean DB kind! :)

Watching said...

>.> the way things are going, you will mostly likely have one thousand followers in no time...that's very impressive ^^

puppetmaster said...

this dosnt really have anything to do with ZAA but i just subsribed onto this blog and i think its the coolest and most supportive thing i hav ever seen or read please keep this up as long as u can tommy

~ puppetmaster
how do u type so much does it take you awhile

blondewitAbrain said...

Hi Tommy,

The idea of you coming to LA is very grand. I would love for you to come out to good ol' Cali.

The people here may not always be hospital but most of us walk around with open minds.

Many differently biotic help centers have been sprouting out here. Even though not many difs come about. I guess most of us hope some differently biotic do start showing up, its our way of welcoming you with open arms Tommy.

I've also heard talk of Slydelle considering opening up a Aftermath out here, to sort of get the word out to us Californians. I just saw a line of Z products being displayed the other day, along with shirts that say 'ZOMBIE POWER' which I bought for me and my friends as well.

So I'm hoping you decide to make a trip out here Tommy, it'd be much appreciated, we can learn a lot from you. - Mel - AKA Tak’s biggest fan (sorry Tommy)

p.s. Will Phoebe be posting new 'words from a beating heart' anytime soon?

Lily Benan said...

I got picked, and the wristband is awesome! I always wear it!

Thanks Tommy!

Sky said...

Hallo, Tommy. If you'd like, you should come to Lutz, FL. It's a small town and I'm sorry to say, it's a bit on the hostile side towards the db. There's been one was horrible. They were skinned alive...or dead in this case, I suppose, and stabbed twice in the head. They were caught and moved to another state. There are a couple clubs though, to help prevent things like that from happening again. I'd appreciate if you would stop by. You could help to change some people's minds.

Your fan and friend,

PromiseMetheMuseofNight said...

I know I already posted, but I just wanted to comment on Sky's...comment; I live in Lutz as well, but I think that if you just came to Tampa(which really Lutz is part of) it'd be cool, or even Orlando, if that horried debacle has you worried.

Florida Loves the DB!

Abby E. said...

I live in Rock Springs, Wyoming. I really like reading your blog. I think it is cool that u r a zombie (differently Biotic person). If u stop here ever it would be really cool.

Doire said...

Well, since you'll be in Memphis, and you'll be heading to Louisianna, why not swing through norther Mississippi? Or take a pleasure ride as far south as Jackson and then head on across the state line. You'll see alot more, and though I only know of a few people between here and there, it might be nice to have something like such a visit raised for once.

Anonymous said...

OMG! OMG! i haven't been on in a while to see the z.a.a thing. :( go to FT.MYERS FLORIDA! It's not hostile at all because of the sunny wheater most people seem to be pretty happy. Theres maybe a person here & there who is against it but mostly overall we're pretty welcoming! PLEASE COME!

.+.GoTh!c.G!rL.+. said...

You should really come to nashville,TN i live in smyrna and its really amazing.

Anonymous said...

that's so stupid that they have different proms and that mom is so ditzy, the kids don't care, that Kera girl just said that it hurt and her best friend said that it was tough not having her there!

Rachel said...

You should stop by Clarksville (or nashville) here in Tennessee! I know a ton of people here that would agree with me on that :)

Sunny said...

please come to Vancouver Canada.

lucky4193 said...

i think i signed up twice, and i really dont know how i did that.! look i even have the same picture.

sara said...

i live in Pennsylvania u should come to boyertown sometime tommy u might like it here i don't but hay thats just me

Anonymous said...

I have one! Madison or Milwaukee Wisconsin! I know alot of people and Zombies who would love for you to visit! WE REALLY REALLY WANT YOU TO COME HERE! PLEASE!

BeckaBoDecka said...

Hmm, if there was one place I would like to meet you, it would be in Chicago. It's perfect here; woody in some places and modern in others. I used to live in a town close by. Hopefully, you can make it here. I'd really enjoy meeting you and maybe some of my db and trad friends can come along (don't worry, the trad friends are cool with zombies). Well, I have to go now. Talk to you later, Tommy!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe about that article I mean it's now 2012 for me but still wooow and were you really giving out brackets and traveling ? Lol dang I'm so late to all this! Love fizza(:

Anonymous said...

Black and white proms? Is it just me or is that just racist? Tell you the truth, I be the weird girl going to both of them...think about that. I'm not rasist and I don't stand for people who are. But we've been fighting the black and white fight for so may cause issues with the db populas getting accebted.