Sunday, April 19, 2009

Strength in Numbers

Six hundred and fifty people on the wall...

I received a post to this blog from "anonymous" that suggested that I was basically undermining zombie/trad relations with how I presented information in my blog. Here's a quote:

"By hinting that every mention of zombies in the national media is another example of an anti-zombie conspiracy, and by constantly referring to so-called 'white van abductions'--no proof of which exists--you are actually doing more than just about anyone else to ensure that the living and the dead will not be able to coexist without fear and suspicion."

I get the sense that this post was from a basically well-meaning living person, but one who is truly ignorant as to the amount of very real ("alleged" white van incidents notwithstanding) violence done to nonliving persons daily. I don't have to look any further than my own town for concrete examples of such violence. Even so, I think there is a valuable point here--the line between "raising awareness" and "creating paranoia" may be a thin one.

What do you think?


samantha said...

I think people need 2 realize that the white vans may hav something 2 do with it. I mean we might be wrong. But no harm in being careful. i personally think it does because its just 2 big a coincidince. In my own town there was a few DB kids and they all disapeared when the white vans came.

Anonymous said...

I think that this person is simply trying to take an opposing side, maybe to provoke? congrats on the 650.

Werewolf Moon said...

I believe that whoever wrote that is...trying to think of both sides but is misunderstanding the entire situation. They don't get exactly how bad the whole white van thing is, there IS proof, the fact that everytime a zombie disappears there's always a white van close at hand. I don't think that should be blown off as a coincidence. If you didn't raise awarness about them then alot more zombies could be killed.

``Werewolf Moon``

[Ryan] said...

I wish I could say something smartical. But I'm still pretty young(only 12). What i think(which is probably not right)is that this anonymous person thinks that you know people are or will not be okay with this so-called conspiracy. Which is parcialy true. But they are saying that there are no people in the world that can live in peace and harmony with your kind. That is most likely not correct, feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.

[Ryan] said...

Hey Tommy, I found this on I think this kind of stuff is part of the reason people want to kill you guys.Just thought i'd share that with you.

Run run run,
With all your might,
But in the end,
We’ll win the fight.

We never tire,
We never sleep,
We are undead,
The living we reap.

It takes but one bite,
Then the job is done,
Soon you’ll turn,
And join our fun.

We’re creeping in the alleys,
We’re limping down the streets,
Always on the hunt,
For our bloody treats.

You ignored Romero,
But the bell now chimes,
And don’t bother running,
For this is the end of times!

We are zombies,
You are the few,
Once you’re bitten,
You’ll become one too.

Anonymous said...

This comment is to telly ou that I loved the book and that that was I loved this blog. I hope you write even more!

Vampire_on_the_loose said...

Here is a poem I wrote for Zombies and their uniqueness of zombies:

I walk among the dead,
I close my eyes,
but I don't fall asleep,
no matter how hard I try,
I wont be human,
though I wish I was,
I know that I am unique,
and that no one can change me,
I have hope that no one will hurt my loved ones,
though all of them have turned their back on me,
I will not let myself give up on life,
on hope,
on joy,
because I may be "dead",
But I am still alive on the inside,
I am person,
I am a part of the world,
I am a zombie,
and you can't change that.

Amirov said...


Anonymous said...

this white van thing seems possiable. We will try to stay on the lookout.


Lita138 said...

I agree with you , this was written with good intentions but what it comes down to is reality. As you said you look all around you and see violence happening so there already in no co-existing going on. Ignoring it or not voicing your educated opinion can't help either. I just read about some zombie attacks in Santa cruz good.

Rawr Its Shauna said...

I think that you are strengthening the zombie society.( Like Brooklyn;]I am only twelve years old.)I believe that everyone who follows this blog is pro zombie. Last time I check that was 653! Don't let one/six-hundred-fifty-third's ignorant oppinions change anything. I think they were talking about themselves being con zombie. White vans suck so much because they are a real threat and everyone is just to lazy to notice them. Or they are in one. I don't even know anymore.

Olivia said...

The white vans scare me sometimes. It's weird. I shouldn't even be the one worrying. It just seems... too coincidental. With what is being said. I don't know. I'll keep watching. I'd just watch out of habit anyway. I hope nothing bad happens.

Romashinigami said...

DB and TB can't live in harmony, until every one realizes that we are similar. DB aren't any less human than TB, I find that nothing will change until people stop recognizing that DB people are any different than TB. Even if TB give positive attention to DB that they wouldn't give to other TB, its still fueling the misconstrued assumption that DB can't help themselves, and maybe some can't, how ever others can. Its the same concept as racism, nothing is going to change, if you continue the act of Segregation. But that isn't to say for DB not to protect themselves because they should, completely, but DB people need to manage to protect themselves, DB people may not have rights, but that also means they can commit crimes, an eye for an eye is a hard thing to accept, buts a way to scare people into accepting that DB people are in fact here. There also needs to be a balance in the equation, Martin Luther King Jr. would not have gotten as much done if Malcolm X hadn't been a major player as well, and vice versa.

Krystal said...

I think if this person wanted to be taken seriously, they could have presented their ideas in a more polite way. Although I have to agree that the white vans haven't actually been caught doing until proven guilty? The media, however, is an entirely different story. As several articles prove, there are plenty of inconsistencies within the information the media is producing that could point to a conspiracy. Also, the media loves to glorify the bad things that are occurring, causing people to become frightened for the wrong reasons. I agree that this person must be living, and therefore not be subjected to the prejudice that differently biotic children are presently facing. It's possible that this person is misinformed, or fails to see what's going on in the world. And even though this person might not be entirely reprehensible for their brash comments, they are still partially at fault for not finding all the facts before assuming they were right. This blog definitely is not a trad hate site, nor does it ever imply inequality or anything of the sort between living and differently biotic, and in that respect this person is completely wrong.

I think raising awareness is a good thing because it will help prevent paranoia over more ambiguous topics.

Doire said...

In this particular instance, I can see both sides. However, the writer of such a comment is clearly mistaken if they think that you, yourself, are helping to firther hatred. Through unity of those who some think "may" oppose them, fear is born. But people have yet to see that the only threat to them is their own hatred for another natural being. People don't grasp that in moving against the "undead" (zombie) population that they themselves become something to be feared and are naturally are going to be retalliated against. It is a well known historical fact that humans DO NOT tolerate differentiality very well at all. If it were up to me, I would encourage living/non-living relations and vast understading attempts as well as advertising the "white van" incidents to raise awareness of the living threat to the non. But those are my views and mine alone. I merely speak my mind. ^^

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

I don´t agree with her/his comment, he´s trying to take an opposing side, I mean, common!

We love you Tommy!

" "

Anonymous said...

I think that the people that are hurting the undead are afraid. I may not know much (I'm only 11) but I think that they are afraid that the zombies will "take over" or become more powerful then them. They don't like anyone that is different from them, which is really stupid.

You either like 'em,
Or you don't.

Anonymous said...

I think that the people that are hurting the undead are just afraid, afraid that the zombies will 'take over' or something. They are crazy because anyone that is different from them they don't like (kinda like Hitler)!!

You either like 'em...
or you don't.

I personally love them with all my heart. I've been working on a poem, but i can't post it 'til i'm done.

Unheard Of said...

I don't disagree with your last comment Tommy.
you are creating paranoia. a wedding was held in my town earlier this week, and the sound guys were unloading equitment from a white van and I just stared at it. like they were unloading WMDs or something.
needless to say, white vans scare the crap out of me now....well they weren't all that innocent looking before (rapists drive those things) but still.

Doire said...

Living or non, it doesn't matter. A life is a life. And both have it. To take that life is not their place! To be afraid is not their right. No one has given them reason to but their own accursed media which they put down themselves, saying nothing coming from it is true. Power and fear are the only two things holding back a harmonious unity. And I disagree, Pipster, about him creating paranoia. He is telling what he believes and giving the undead community a chance to actually have a voice. That is an act of peace and nothing more. He is making people aware of the "white van" threat, because it is just that. A threat to the peace that is unstably hanging on but a few fragile wires. Murder is murder and we have a right to know what to watch for.

Anonymous said...

i love this books, its one of my favorites, but i want people know this is only a book.

Anonymous said...

And could you do me a favor?? Could you tell Faith I said hi?

Tara said...

I think it's just hard for people to believe something so horrible could be happening in America. We're supposed to be this great country, yet we still let these prejudices happen? Some people just don't want this to be true. But you know the deal with the white vans picking people up and then the abducted person is never seen again? Well the same exact thing happened in Nicaraugua (a city in Mexico) in the 1980's and earlier when they were in war. The Government would pick up people in broad daylight on the streets because they were suspected of being rebels, people trying to overthrow the dictator who was ruling. These people were either killed or held captive by the Government and never seen again because they knew too much by then. It's sad and creepy, but it looks like this is happening again. And the worst part is that America was trying to help Nicarauga during the War to stop the kidnappings. Scary stuff.
<3 Tara

From Britian said...

Fantasic on the 650, I hope we soon reach 1000.
Anyway, I have nothing to say on the other matter that hasn't already been said.

Tommy Williams said...

Brooklyn:]--You seem very smartical to me.


Tommy Williams said...


that is beautiful. You have talent.


Tommy Williams said...


Thank you for the thought provoking post.


Tommy Williams said...


Mom says "well,hello."


Anonymous said...

I have a question for you Tommy(but I 'm not really sure how to word it):
How long has it been since you came back to 'life'?
I don't think it said that in the book, and I was just wondering how long you have had to deal with the bioism (bioism:bioist::racism:racist), and if it has changed at all??

therealdeal04_vamp said...

wouldnt it be easier to have your trad friends watch out for the dbs who may be more at risk every time a white van shows up? besides.... ignorant people are the people who mess everything up.

Anonymous said...

hi. Tommy you are an amazing person and I never want you to change. YOu are the sweetest zombie I have ever met and I would never want you to leave. All my friends that know you think you are awesome. You are so cool and I don't ever want you to change. Love you like a brother!

Anonymous said...

I have advise for you Tommy. Strength doesn't come from how much you work out it comes from how much you can keep going no matter how many blows someone goes at you with.And words last a second, actions last a minute, but memories last a lifetime unless you forget them. Forget the bad things people say because you are who you are you can't be changed you are unique you are my hero. Remember that next time anyone says anything bad about you.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with anonymous. So many people look up to you. I wish more than anything that I can meet you. You are brave, honest, and optimistic. I admire you. I hope one day I can be as courageous as you, because sometimes I let people walk all over me. You should never give up on what you believe. And btw anonymous, you gave some really good advice, that sounded amazing.

Unknown said...

Daniel Waters came to my library and I got a free autographed book!
My friend Tina dressed up as Pheobe and I dressed up as Bella. It was awesome!!!

bloodlikepearls13 said...

wow i cant believe this blog is real. i love you guys. i was angry when i read the book i didn't get why people were so intolerant
it kinda pissed me off. well i hope the white vans stop. you guys are defiantly citizens.

parinormalunknown said...

Hey Tommy I have seen multiple white vans in my small town of DuBois, Pennsylvania. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing because I haven't seen or heard of any DB's but I do hope the start coming here because my town would be both hostile and friendly to them.

BTW: I just joined the wall, and good luck on getting to the bottom of this white van and for making trad people aware of DB's and they are actually almost harmless. Miss you hop to here back from you soon!

ur friend,

Anonymous said...

i think raising awarness would not provoke the ' white van ' incidents, it would help the trads to realize what people like them are doing

Anonymous said...

i think raising awarness would not provoke the ' white van ' incidents, it would help the trads to realize what people like them are doing

Anonymous said...

i think raising awarness would not provoke the ' white van ' incidents, it would help the trads to realize what people like them are doing

Anonymous said...

Tommy, I think your are the best person in the world. I think you are so correct. It seems like you know everything to every answer, though you don't, cuz we havn't even lived life that long to find out the answers. But your doing a very good job on everything. Keep it up.
Love kc.

Maritza said...

I would stay away from the white van.Like if u see it hide somewhere like in a closet or in the woods.I mean I bet those dudes from the white van are the ones who killed Evan, and I should keep an eye on Pete.After what he did to Adam probably he might cause more trouble with the differently biotic.

Nicole :'( said...

I agree about thinking about this a little diffrently I would think of it like, If it were trad kids that were disappearing and white vans happend to be a joining facter in the disappearances the cops would have looked at every angle of that but since their db kids it's fine and what would have been a lead is now just a coincedince? I dont think so! Maybe if it was a white van at a couple of disappearances then you could have written it off as a coincedince but their is just 2 many missing db kids with white vans near by.

Anonymous said...

I see their point, and it is logical if you think about it. But that doesn't mean that they are right. But to say the least...yes, Tommy the line is very slim. Your not doing anything wrong, but they do have quite abit of knowledge and logic to back it up. Just saying....


Anonymous said...

P.S.: The white vans do exist!!!!