Wednesday, June 24, 2009


One thousand people, zombie and otherwise, have now joined the wall. I can't wait to meet some of you out on the road.

Phoebe promises me that she will write an installment of "Words from a Beating Heart" for the blog by the end of the week.

Stay tuned...


[Ryan] said...

Sounds good. Tell Pheobe her writing will be absalutly stunning.

RagDollVampGirl said...

WOO-HOO For 1000!!! AWESOME!!


Morgan Holmes said...

Feels good to be one of that 1000!
I can't wait to see you tommy :)
Be safe
watch out for white vans (Seeing them everywhere here in GA)
Don't let them get you.
Love Morgan :)

Becca the Rainbow Monster said...

So exciting. I bet in months it will be twice this size!

Mary said...

Congrats on the 1,000, Tommy! Keep writing!
~Mary, N. Las Vegas, NV

go with happiness said...

Yay! And wow, 1000! I guess more and more people are supporting the differently biotic!

Chelsea Cyanide said...

Yes, finally :D
Congrats Tommy.
Tommy, be careful.

MaliceInWonderland said...

Congrats! I agree with Morgan, it's nice to be included in that number.

Looking forward to being there, too!

Definitely excited about Phoebe's prose.

Jantastic said...

1000! Great! Can't wait for Phoebe to write.

Krystal said...

That's a lot of people on the wall.

I'm going to miss Phoebe's post because I'll be away! And I was really looking forward to it, too. Well, I guess I'll have to wait until I get back.

PurpleWerewolf said...

Congrats on the 1000 Tommy, I'm glad your blog is getting so much recognition. Its about time! On another note, perhaps Cleveland isn't the best place to visit. A new family moved into my neighborhood with a DB daughter. I think she may be new since she can hardly walk. I went over to welcome them and a white panel van with tinted front windows drove past us really slow and smelled burnt. Later that night, I went for a run and followed the scent to another neighborhood with a DB kid. Coincidence? I think not. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

I know the answer to life. And that is...Your mom. No seriously, just think about it. :D

lafanda brooks said...

its been awhile - good to hear from you again

Watching said...

That's amazing !! :O the wall just keeps on growing at an alarming rate !!

Anonymous said...

im like extremely uber happy now.
that made my day :D
1000 babbbyyyy XD
go zombies&&trads!(:

oh mann i miss posting on here.
i wish i couldve suggested a place for you to visit.
i'd prolly start crying just hearing i'll be able to see you,(:
and as for phoebe,
i love her and her writing will be absolutely&& incredibly stunning :D

Anonymous said...

michael jackson died!!! :(

Anonymous said...

what # am i on that list???
Just wondering.....Its a Gift:)

Werewolf Moon said...

Wow. 1,000. Jeeze. It's like the mafia! HAHA. Congrats on the number. Can't wait to hear phoebe's writing.


Learner said...

Congrats on 1000, keep writing, it's great!!!

Shayleeray said...

Ohh I like the idea of a zombie mafia...we can be the ZAFIA! hahaha :)

daughterofromero24 said...

tommy this is my first time on your website and trust me it will not be the last! POWER TO THE UNDEAD PEOPLE!

ScribblerRigby said...

Congratulations, man!

Looking forward to Phoebe. And you - stay safe on the trip! Good luck!

MaliceInWonderland said...

Just a quick question, did any of the other wristband winners get a reply email when they sent their address? I still haven't received my wristband, but I never got a mail daemon either. I don't want to be a bother by emailing again.

Vampire&ZombieLover said...

Yes!!!! i love Pheobe.
You and Pheobe are Great inspiration to all the Living and Non-Living Relashionships all over the Country!!!
Glad you have alot of Followers!!!!

YoshieGirl said...

I'm so excited that so many people are following your blog! It's great to hear that you will be visiting the three towns.
Congrats on the 1000 posts

Werewolf Moon said...

MALICE IN WONDERLAND -Well...Kinda. I made sure that I had the right email adress. Then they replied and asked who they should address it to, so yeah I kinda got one.

``werewolf moon``

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hey Tommy!
And you said you´d get them by the end of the summer!
You rock!
I can´t wait for Phoebe to write!
It will be amazing!

Lots of love,
" "
Say hi to Christie :(

Anonymous said...

Good to know your doing well. If you see Adam, tell him hi. How's Pheobe?
Forever and always stay safe <3

Unknown said...

I'm very excited for you, Tommy! Your soul has brought life to mine, and for that, I thank you with all the love my broken one can give. Please stay safe, and wish everyone at the Haunted House a good life ;-)

Anonymous said...

:D I can't wait to read more

Rawr Its Shauna said...

White vans are in Netcong! I think they read your blog! You should come to Netcong September 4 for my birthday!

Rawr Its Shauna said...

It took forever for my wristband to come! it took like 2 weeks, but i got it about 5 days ago

DestinyMaeVampsRule said...

Thats sounds totally awesome Pheobe's a good writer. Its absalutly stumming to be one of 1000!!

Tara said...

Oh, that'll be so cool! Phoebe sounds like an awesome writer. I can't believe that you're already at 1000, Tommy! That's so exciting! You really deserve it.

Malory said...

Don't know if you're still taking requests, but Bismarck, North Dakota would love for you to come, we're very hospitable to DB kids! Keep it in mind, I know we're nothing too special, but I think you would like it here!!

MaliceInWonderland said...

Werewolf_Moon and SNZA, thanks for your replies, guys! I just got mine on Saturday, so no worries. ^_^

Tommy, thank you! I put my note from you in my scrapbook. ^_^ I hope to add pics or things from meeting you to the page later on.

Unknown said...

Good luck on the trip!!Wow 1000!Stay safe.

Tic-Tak said...

hay, i was just readin' on your blog and i thought THIS IS SOO COOL! it's a good idea, i whish my blog,, was as popular as yours! keep writing! i write too, but seems like the peeps like your idea better *small sob* but it's still awesome!

Loraine said...

So I know that you won't be seeing this comment for a while since you're on an "Internet Sabbatical" but I just want to let you know that Generation Dead was a surprisingly good book. I originally thought it'd be an "easy read" - you know, those superficial cheesey romance novels, but no. I enjoyed the underlining social commentary on society and its tolerance for any person who defies social norms.

Also, thanks to you, my fear of zombies has been greatly diminished. Ever since I read "World War Z" by Max Brooks, my number one fear has been zombies! But now that I've read about zombies from a different perspective, it's no longer number one! (However, it's still on the list.. I guess I have to work on it a bit more!)

Oh and speaking about changing negative attitudes about zombies.. I suggest you change the name of your fan base if you want a more accepting response from us traditionally biotics, especially from the geeky ones! Afterall.. "The Horde" *is* the dark enemy group on the massively popular game, "World of Warcraft."
:) Just saying.

Well goodluck and I'll be sure to pick up "Kiss of Life" very soon!

- Loraine

emokitty007 said...

omg when i read that adam got shoti seriously started crying it was sooo sad :'(

alice said...

wow 1000! tommy i am a huge fan!

Anonymous said...

Try comeing to Austin,Tx..(if you haven't already)..I'm sure you'll love it (I hope) We have a saying here in Austin: Keep Austin Wierd(sp?) But yea please come here...hmm I'm not sure if you'll even read what I said so..I guess it doesn't really matter now then does it ^-^''...oh well worth a try...what with you having sooo many people comenting I mean(I ment no disrespect)...uhm is it sad that I learned how to spell respect bye the song Respect XD..sorry random I know ^-^'' long coment sorry bout that
any way all the best if you get this or no
=hugs and bugs=

Hannah said...

only on the first book!!

(”)_(”) Psycho bunny :)

Back2life said...

I can't find the wall?? BTW I encourage you to
Keep writing, e courage you guys are showing is amazing :)

Anonymous said...

As a beating heart, I'm totally staying tuned!