Saturday, September 19, 2009

Words From a Beating Heart

Hi everyone, Phoebe here. I'm writing to let you know we'll be posting the newest road report from Tommy in just a few days. I don't want anyone to worry, but he had a very close call when crossing from New Jersey into Pennsylvania. Scary but everything is okay.

In other news, Margi told me that she talked to Colette a few days ago and that the Skeleton Crew tour got off to a rocky start. It seems that a club owner in Albany did not know that DeCayce was a zombie when he booked the band, and so he killed the band's power during their opening number. Well, turns out there is a small but very, um, energetic, crowd of pro-zombie youth in Albany and they kind of ran amok in the club. I'm afraid readers in the Albany area won't be seeing any shows there in quite awhile!

I'd tell you the name of the club but we have enough to worry about without being sued by bioist club owners.

And Margi said that she is actually going to write a piece for mysocalledundeath, can you believe it? She and Colette (who Margi is now calling "Yoko", ha-ha) are going to do two interviews--Margi is going to interview DeCayce, and Colette is going to be interviewing the living members of the band so each can find out a little about what "life" is like on the other side. It should be fun!

Although my big grumpy boyfriend is saying that they should call the interview "Open Hearts and Empty Heads".


Anonymous said...

HA HA! Adam cracks me up

Krystal said...

I hope everyone is okay--Tommy, and The Skeleton Crew. I never realized how dangerous traveling must be for someone that is differently biotic...they are very brave!
I can't wait to read Margi and Colette's interview! It sounds interesting.
Why is Adam so disheartened?? (Hey, look, a pun!) Is he just being crabby, or did something bad happen?

EvilGu said...

I'm excited to read the new interviews!
I think that while it is a very difficult and dangerous situation for everyone traveling, it's a hopeful outlook that so many stood up for what's right at that club.
Not endorsing rioting, but many important movements in America were brought to the forefront by large protests. Maybe this club will be for the DB's what Stonewall was for the gay movement.

Lily Benan said...

I can't wait to find out about the interview!!!!!!! You should check out myyyy blog! Its about my life as a zombie! Hope to see you there! And btw, i love reading posts by you!!! Hope to see more!

LaTasha Angelique said...

i hope everything goes well.
Haha, you have to love Adam. :)

MaliceInWonderland said...

Hmm. I look forward to all of the stories, but particularly the interviews. I love the cross concept.

Glad to hear everyone's okay.

Unknown said...

I am realy upset that the owner of the club did that...I mean the way i see it we are all people,so we should all be treated the same.Anyway I hope evberything is good and you are all safe.

Nera said...

yeah that club owner is a real jerk, wish everyone well, ps: greets to adam, and I'm looking foreward to read the interviews

l8'r Anke

Minx said...

Yoko, haha, that's awesome. I bet Collette is a better singer tho. :)

tiamat100 said...

Yay! Adam and Pehobe are toghether! no I still haven't read Kiss Of life. Unfortunately.
I hope Tommy is OK,and the Skeleton Crew members. Evil club owner guy! I'm glad Margi is writing a piece finally. And...why does she call Colette Yoko? Also is Karen going to write soonat all?

Sugar Loving Otaku said...

YOKO!!! cool name.

Unheard Of said...

haha. i like adam's idea. jk jk.

where is skeleton crew heading next? any shows in wisconsin???????

btw. i know it's probably an uncomfortable subject, but, how is Sylvia?

and how come Karen hasn't posted in a while? is she alright?

Anonymous said...

Adam is so funny hope everything is ok w/tommy and skeleton crew love the name yoko

PhoebeKendall said...


Colette had one of the most beautiful singing voices I've ever heard--she tells me she hasn't sung since she came back.

Maybe DeCayce could talk her into a duet--


PhoebeKendall said...

UnHeard Of--

Um, sorry--Colette tells me there's no Wisconsin stop on the tour currently.

She tells me that the boys in the band--the beating hearts, anyway--love cheese though. Maybe if you provide cheese they will come,


Erin said...

So when may the road blog from Tommy be out? Not saying that we don't love hearing from you, Phoebe. Also I agree with Adam, on the interview name from Margi and Colette. I like it. c[:


Unheard Of said...

OMG. hell yeah. we're the real dairy state, we got cheeze out the wazzoo!

if all it takes to get them here is cheese then i shall not complain!

EvilGu said...

Yeah! WI! I went to school in Madison, so I could totally go there for a concert! WHOOT!

And cheese? Please. The State is made out of cheese! :heart:

Ahhh,MyLife. said...

I like the nick-name yoko, haha, she's just like yoko, just a zombified verson. haha. Tell Tommy that many are wishing a safe return!! Love you guys. :)

RealisElastic said...

lol adam is great. i hope tommy will be ok through his tough journey. :) i wish him the best.

Dani said...

what, what? That's Sah-weet! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I am so excited for passing strange! If thats what its called.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thats one of the reasons i like adam-no faffing about just straight to the point niiiice and simple.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Adam, that comment is making me lauph more than it should. But I would love to read those interveiws.