Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mystery Solved

So then Colette asks me if I liked the valentine she gave me.

"What valentine?" I ask.

"You know," she says. "The one with the kitties."

This after I have already embarrassed myself with all three of my suspects. This after have already called the girl Watson to my Holmes.

"Colette," I say. "do you mean the valentine that I have spent the past two weeks trying to discover who it came from? That one?"

Colette looked confused. "You didn't know that was from me? I thought you'd gotten a mystery valentine and that's what we were trying to find. I thought you recognized the kitty one."

"Recognize it?" I said. "what do you mean recognize it? That wasn't your handwriting."

"I know," she says. "It's yours."


"You gave me that card when we were in first grade."

I took the card out of my bag. Yes I have been carrying it around all the time so shut up. The written words were wobbly but I guess that could have been my handwriting back then. And the "Margi" I guess could have been a signature rather than a greeting. And I guess I have always liked kitties.

But then ni reverted quickly to Sherlock Vachon mode, all suspicious-like.

"Wait just a minute," I said. "How did you get this, then?"

See, when Colette died and came back her parents literally chased her off of her front lawn with garden implements and wouldn't let her return. And then they moved away and didn't tell her where they were going.

"My brother," she said, and she was smiling. "He's back from the war. He found some of my things in the basement of my parents' new home and sent them to me."

"Your brother? How did he find you?"

"He saw my photo on the Virual Wall of the Dead," she said. He never believed them when they told him I didn't come back.". She sort of laughed. "Margi, he's going to come see me."

I shrieked right there in the hallway and hugged her because I was so happy for her. And because her brother is kind of hot, at let he was a few years ago when he left for his service. I was so happy I didn't even mind that I didn't really have a secret admirer and that nobody loves me and I am destined to die a lonely old spinster with a dozen cats.

Ok maybe I was a little disappointed. But mostly I was just happy for my friend.


Anonymous said...

Awwww! I'm so glad Colette has found her brother!!! And the whole Valentine thing is really sweet. :)

-mel <3

Raven said...

Thats awesome and u'll find someone

MoRgAn said...

So cool...And we all love you Margi! Your my role model...working my way up to 30 bracelets...12 left to go!

Quinn said...

This was a great story. Thanks for sharing it, Margi. Sorry that you didn't have an admirer yet, but I'm sure you'll get tons.

Very happy for Colette! It'll be interesting to learn more about her brother. I like the returning aspect and his search to find her.

Unknown said...

Oh that soooo sweet!!!!
i luv you guys and i'm so happy for Collete!! EEEP!

Unknown said...

i luv u guys!

Juls said...

Thank you so much for udateing your blog Dainel!!! Ive been waiting for this for weeks! I thought your new years resolution was to post more articles on your blogs?

Anonymous said...

omz! haha thats rlly great! and u will find sum1 i swear! n kitties are pretty cute:)

alexis said...

omz! haha thats is supeeer sweet! margie u will find sum1 n kitties are pretty cute!:)

Bree T. said...

This was posted on my human birthday. I was supposed to be 16. Oh well...

I'm glad the mystery was solved. And I hope you get to see Colette's brother. ;]


-Bree T.

CĂ­ara said...

Aaaaaawh, this is so cute <3

natalie_jay said...

hah! i knew it had to be a super sneaky girlfriend of yours! thus proving my own telepathetic powers, yeah? Now on to collete...we are super stoked that her brother found her via the wall of dead that she did however long ago! that is amazing! there may be hope yet for our dear collete (crap, that wasn't supposed to rhyme)!
well, magie darling, i'm sorry your valentine was...yourself...but hey, that doesn't exactly mean that no one's interested, right?
much love from natalie and seth-er

Ashley said...

Don't worry to much about it Margi. I'm sure you will have a boyfriend soon. I never thought any guy would want to go out with me but now I have a guy that I've been with for almost 4 years.

amber (moon) said...

awww so glad colette found her bro!!!!! and u will find someone margi...everyone has someone.......
check out my blog ppl plz

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Anonymous said...

Thats not true Margi. Lot's of people love you! I know Colette does. And I'm soo happy she found her brother. Good luck to you both!
-Malice In Wonderland

Catfish said...

@ Raven: Haha I'm happy to have you join us (living or not) my dearest Raven.... See you on Tuesday!!!

@ Margi like my friend Raven said: you will find that someone!

Tyla~Marie Kat

Zombie Power!!!!! said...

This book is awsome!!!! Colette would be so happy about her brother!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a fourth book???????? cuz i really want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaz!!!!

Anonymous said...

I finished reading in this website after I finished reading "Generation Dead" I am very happy for colette and was wondering which book came after " Generation Dead"?

Mizuki Ayako said...

Oh, sweety! If you lived closer, wee into girls, and liked my awsome zombie self, I would SO date you and we could be the trad and dead cat freaks! haha! You'll find someone! (hopefully not Norm O.O) WAIT FOR ME!!!! jk... Maybe :p

Anonymous said...

Silly Margie. You'll find somebody some day. You just to put those knockers to good use ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe u go colette but poor margi :( you will find someone hey when is the next generation dead book gonna come out? i really want to read it DX and have you heard from tommy like what has he been up to?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those happy endings! I just currently read Generation Dead and checked this place out; at first i was totally confused because i thought this story was from Tommy's perspective. But i backtracked and now it makes sence. And what a cool way to find out about Colette's brother!

Anonymous said...

Tommy?!?! Where have you gone?!?!?!

update soon?

my gang and i r worried.