Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old School

No tacks were inserted into my body today, which is cool. There was a petition going around the school to ban zombies from the cafeteria, because apparently the very sight of us makes some students nauseous. There are a few zombies that have the same lunch period as I do--Colette Beauvoir and Kevin Zumbrowski, but I don't have any classes with either one of them. Most of the zombies, regardless of what age they are, are in a remedial-type classes, not necessarily because of any real learning disabilities or deficiencies, but more because they can't express themselves quickly enough. Karen (who seems to be the only other zombie in ""mainstream" classes" calls their condition "reverse A.D.D." Attention Surplus Disorder? Maybe someone can invent a zombie Ritalin which will get us to move faster. The school doesn't really seem to know what to do with us, but then again I'm not sure that schools knew how to deal with ADD kids back in the day, either.

I've got a couple classes with Thornton Harrowwood, a traditionally biotic boy who is unlike most of his trad peers in that he doesn't seem to notice I'm dead. Most people call him "Thorny". He'll ask me questions about it sometimes--what is it like being dead, do you ever sneeze, etc.--but just from being curious, not like he's trying to start something.

He's a pretty cool kid. I hope he doesn't take any heat for talking to me.


Anonymous said...

good news about the tacks and really i think students are over reacting. i mean you guys dont smell, dont look scary [meaning you dont have gross features like sawed off arms etc], and mostly everyone ignores you anyways. it amazes me how many people there are out there that can't be more accepting on this situation. it's not YOUR fault your back from the dead, for a lack of better words. i mean really they should get a grip or switch lunch periods, not ban you guys.

Anonymous said...

People are stupid, why should they care if you and your friends are in the Caf? If they have issues they should leave, you all have just as much right to be there as they do....mean people make me mad. It's good that you have Thorny to be friends with, and if he cared what the others kids think, he wouldn't be hanging out with you, so he doesn't care. Anyway, i think your blogs are amazing Tommy you are way more amazing than any TRAD guys.

~Nightly Panic

Anonymous said...

y do guys even have a lunch period? not that i have anything against u, but i think the whole zombie/cafeteria thing might be a good idea. ur basically corpses and the living are trying 2 eat!

Anonymous said...

Ok dolcebella.
that was rude!

I'm sorry, but i think that if the zombies want to sit there during lunch and talk with friends that its fine!!

Heck, I'm a trad and I'd be sitting with Tommy and Karan everyday at lunch.

I agree with nightly panic; Tommy you are so much better than those trad guys!! =]


Anonymous said...

WOW, dolce bella that was really rude. They should be able to sit where ever they want, including the caf. They have as much right as you do.

~Nightly Panic

Anonymous said...

im just glad no one put a tack on you back again, tommy. I know you didn't feel it but stil, how cruel!
I think the only reason trad kids act like they do at your school is because its just something that's never been heard of before. I mean, if you've read generation dead then you should be able to put yourself in Pete's shoes. Think about it. Dead American teenagers that are suddenly coming back to life?! that's not normal, but it's happening. it's happening right where they live,and they can't do a thing about it. They're afraid. the trads are afraid of you. What are they probably thinking, tommy? Why do these zombies come back? they think: why are they so differnt? do they want to haunt us? And to be honest, they don't know how to handle it, and obviously want to get rid of the problem in a different formality. But in another sense. it's really not the kids fault either. All the media and people in the society talk about it. War, violence, destruction! so what do these trad teenagers do when they find corpses walking around? get rid of them- its the only answer they can come up with.we've got to find a way to get through to them. break that barrier of questions for those kids.

plz note that this comment is not adressed to all trad kids. just the mean, but helplessly confused ones:)xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo lids.

in confidence. said...

and can anybody help me?

i sit next to a girl in social studies and i think she may be suicidal. she writes a lot of poetry and not to mention this is like her 3rd year in 8th grade. and she is very gorgeous but she is convinced that she is fat ugly and shouldnt be living. me and my friends have been trying to befriend her and she has sat with us at lunch but she doesnt really talk much and is pretty shy.
do you think there is really anything more i can do to help her?

please help!

Rachael said...

And do you sneeze? Do you pee? Or has it been too long since I read the book? Le sigh!

RSoxy said...

okay, if you are a student at a school you should be allowed to sit at the caf even if you dont eat or make people 'nausous' (spelt wrong) they can go eat somewhere else if they dont feel good or go to the nurse, zombies have enough crap to deal with i bet.

oh, but good news about the tacks^^ i'm glad whoever they were stopped

Anonymous said...

Wow, annoynmous...that was really deep. Inspirational even,impressive, i never thought something like that could come from a regular person and not like a teacher or a priest or whatever. Awesome stuff, Lids, keep preachin'

-Vampire Chick

Anonymous said...

At least thing are getting a bit better! Thorny sounds like a great person! Its always so nice to see other trads reach out and be nice to zombies. In a way, I'm glad there are no zombies at my school. There are just some really mean people there, and I just know that if a zombie were to show up, it would be bad news...on a happier note, Thorny seems like a really cool guy! I know I just said that, but its true! Hope the caf. pettion thing gets better!

Anonymous said...

Well, good for the tacks and bad for the patision, but what can you do sometimes not every persons is going to like the same things, but that doesnt mean you shouldn't continue your work on trying to make the world a zombie friendly place. Think of it this way you seem to have a good amount of us who like (some who could potentially love you-a.k.a. my friend Abby.) you for who you are and when ever your down just think of us.

Yours Truthly

Minx said...

It's odd how much Thorny reminds me 0_o

I mean, we even sound like we would say the same thing:

"Huh? I don't get it... Tellmetellmetellmetellme!!!!!"

He kind of sounds hyper-active like me. LOL :)
Ur so cool, Tommy, I got ur back (tacked or otherwise:)

Anonymous said...

thats lame about gettin you thrown out of the luch room!suck it up!!!Thorny is a great guy by the sound of him!definately keep him as a friend Tommy!oh and im sure he doesnt mind getting in trouble because of you.

Anonymous said...

Thorny sounds nice and friendly. ^^ it's also good to hear that there were no mare tacks. That is a relief really. You've got me worried. Well school is school... I have no classes with my friends because I take AP courses but that's still different. Either way, if there haven't been any huge issues besides anything that' can't he handled, everything good?
Regardless of the nauseous thing, I think thats stupid. There are somethings that are and are not disgusting in this world. That doesn't sound like one of them. While people have their own opinions, I sincerely hope you don't get banned from the cafeteria.

Always at your service!

Anonymous said...

Yay no tacks! Personally, I find that petition stupid. Or maybe the people who made it are...hmm something I should think about. Oh, I have A.D.D! Not that I really care, my case isn't so bad. But some people consider my psychotic. That is my humor.
Thorny sounds friendly enough. I would have been friendly too. It's one of the many wonderful traits I have. :D
I got called a baby by a senior today. Isn't that rude? Just because I'm not like six feet tall (Imma girl) doesn't mean I'm a baby. I'm only five foot one, give me a break. SOPHOMORES ARE NOT BABIES! I'm just very anxious today.

Tata, Tommy!

Tommy Williams said...

I have to confess that I wish people that chew with their mouths open were banned from the cafeteria.


Tommy Williams said...

In Confidence--

Talk to an adult that you trust about this situation immediately. Keep reaching out to her.


Karen DeSonne said...


Are you sure he didn't call you a "babe"? There's a difference! ;)


Anonymous said...

im just reading the book 4 the first time and am almost done with it. i admire u tommy, 4 taking chances and taking a stand 4 wat u believe in. also that u r totally sweet but won't let other people push u around. im sure that soon everybody will see how great u r too. true, i dont know what it feels like 2 die. but i know what it feels like 2 feel like u dont belong. so stay strong and dont care what anyone else thinks of u. ur amazing
lots of luv,
ur undead friend

in confidence. said...

thanks tommy!

i am actually going to see my therapist monday maybe ill tell him. he has been a huge part of my family for as long as i can remember.

and im glad to say that today i think she conciders me a friend. she got transfered into my science class and we did an expierment so i asked to her be in me and my friends group and i think she actually had fun! cause we were playing with water (squirting water at each other with pipets) very funn!

but thanks tommy and anymore ideas from anyone are greatly appreciated!!!

co - co said...

i'm glad minivera rose is gone aren't u tommy?

ZoeAdrian said...

A tack?!
How low can the living get?!
ugh they make me sick sometimes sheesh...
It shouldn't be that big of a deal.
All the TRAD's need to stop being drama queens! hehe... And Thorny sounds WAY cool! Tell him I said hi! :) Oh and tell Tak I said hi too! Well you know what just give everyone a big HI for me! Thanks Tommy! Keep writing!


Krystal said...

if i were differently biotic, i know i sure wouldn't want to sit will all those trad kids sticking tacks in my back. maybe DB kids could get a seperate lunch period, so that way it's sort of a compromise.
(of course if you want to sit with your living friends, this wouldn't work)
but really, it shouldn't have to come to that and if kids have a problem with you guys, then they should just switch lunch periods and stop complaining.


why can't we all just get along?

Courtney123 said...

i think it is amazing that you can just walk away and act like its not a big deal of what these people are doing to you, its so brave, ur like a romodle to me its amazing, and it is wrong to ban you guys, its not your falt that this is happening i admire you for who you are

Anonymous said...

Yippy no tacks my brother once put a tack on the floor at the end of my bed and that night I steped on it and now I have a red dott there any way the paople who came up with the the petiton are being rediculouse and re...stupid for a counter attack you shoul make a petition that says "Keep the Zombies" and put it on this web site im possitive everyone will sign it and then print it and prove to those people that they ARE being rediculouse!!!!And I think Thorny sound cool;)

Lizzie Tomlin said...

someone please. i read the book.(twice, and loved every page) and i thot it was fiction. Tommy, are you really, truly DB. im so confused, but i love your blog! is all this real, that your talking about? if you dont wanna say it on here i understand but if you could tell me so i know, message me at please tommy, tell me.

Anonymous said...

tommy u r so cool

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Thornton's a great kid. And I don't think he'd care whether or not he takes heat from talking to you. He's got a good clean soul. =P Though perhaps I softened him up to the cause a bit; I don't think he noticed DB kids until I "died." We're very close, my cousin and I. ;]

Unknown said...

Owwww TACKS!!
I'm surprised you can't feel that.
I wish living impaired people would just get accepted.
xoxo Beccy

corey said...

well like wat thorny asked do u guys sneeze??? not 2 be mean but now that u said something about it i want 2 now the answer.

Anonymous said...

Thorny, we love you for being nice, take care of Tommy please? And Tommy, they can't really make students not go to lunch, plus I don't think there will be enouph signatures. People do care and are smart enouph not to sign such hateful things. But then again they are teenagers, may not work huh? Oh well, we'll see what comes of it.