Monday, September 29, 2008



Tommy is letting me take the blog today. He's off studying (and for those that care, he got a 97 on the History test that Gamera tried to help him fail). He's such a smartie--I can't say that all the extra time I get with not sleeping has improved my study habits at all. I'm B minus all the way.

I manage to keep things interesting, though. On Friday on was given a detention by Principal Kim because the length of my skirt violated some arcane dress code policy. I tried to point out that my skirt was no shorter than those worn by the Oakvale High cheerleading squad, but that didn't get me anywhere. Then I told the principal that I was proud of her for not going easy on me because I was a zombie, that her universal and non-prejudicial application of stupid, outdated rules was to be commended.

She told me I better zip my lip and get to my next class if I didn't want her to double the detention.

Oh well. Time, I've got.


Maddie (aka Pete) said...

I had dention once and oddly enough, it was fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Yayy, Karen got to blog! So awesome! I agree, i don't study much B- yeaah. Congrats to Tommy good job on the test. Ugh, those dress codes are made for like the days of poodle skirts, butatleast they're treating you like the others (even if you do get in trouble:) Blog some more!

~Nightly Panic

Minx said...

Yea! Go Tommy!
Dang, detention stinks. :(
sorry, Karen.

Tommy Williams said...

Just so you all know, that "B-" stuff is total horsefeathers. Karen is probably the smartest person I know, and the biggest underachiever since Bart Simpson.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the 97, T!!

I love when Karen posts; she's awesome

Anonymous said...

I try not to get detention but some teachers just hate me that much. Usuaully its because I'm late too class, and I've got my reasons.
Woot for underachievers!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Karen! Detention... I've gotten detention once well.. at my school demerits will get you detention on saturday. Ah, and those are just lovely! Sarcasam is lovely as well.
My grades are eh... but my mom totally wants me to be an overachiever. She wants me to get into one of the Ivy Leagues. I do take AP courses and Honor classes but I don't think I'm the smart really.
Toodles Karen and Tommy!


PS: I got a question for you, Tommy. Ever played computer games before? Like World of Warcraft? So much fun, I swear! Just wondering if you've heard of it or played it... s'gonna become a movie sometime... not sure when. 'kay chao!

Krystal said...

join the cheerleading squad, that way you won't get detention about you're skirt length anymore!

ps. way to go tommy! i knew he'd get an A

Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen! You make me laugh! So glad I've never been dress coded! At my school, if you forgot your homework, you had to stay 20 mins after school! Im glad they aren't doing that this year. So....who lost the bet? Did Tommy get his Batman comic? I just need to know these things.
<3 Luv ya Karen!!

RSoxy said...

stupid cheerleaders, why do they have all the special treatment? im sure your skirt was fine

anyway, sorry about the detention thing, we've all been there, and congradulate Tommy for me on the 97. congrats to you too for the B-, which is still good^^

Minx said...

0~o *sob* I'm a cheerleader.... tho it's a homeshcool squad.
my last school had the worst uniforms: I went from being a cheerleader in a nun skirt to a minnie skirt in less than a year! XD LOL! Well, it's not THat minnie...

Yes! DO tell, who won the bet?

Taylin said...

Hahaha yeay Karen!!! Way to point out what that your skirt meets the cheerleading standards!! That's awesome!!!
ps Congrats Tommy!! way to go on your history test!!!

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I got dresscoded once 'cause I'm from the south. Although the Yank seemed to be more offended by my (nonexistant) cleavage.

I love miniskirts, I just don't have the thighs for them.

Good for you for subvertively standing up for yourself!

-Melia Sabine

Anonymous said...

who won the bet?
You get your comic? Congrats T on the test. Karen you amaze me...and haha T Karen's an underachiever? Heck yeah, underachieving all the way!
~Werewolf Moon

Anonymous said...

Im with emogirl all the way. the cheerleaders at our school make these stupid t-shirts on how cheerleading is actually a sport for them. Cheerleading IS a sport, if you actually sweat or at least compete though. THe girls at my school just dance, fool around and eat cookie cake and get to wear sophie shorts when the guys have games! AnD OUR SCHOOL DOESN'T EVEN ALLOW SOPHIE SHORTS. i am so proud of you karen. I know it was great that the teacher treated you as an equal and all, but that's stupid if the cheerleaders have the same length skirt. i mean, they're the one's who r gonna be jumping around in them!And congrats on the test tommy. No Evil cat's gonna get in your way!

ps- i totally love when Karen blogs. lets see s'more!


Anonymous said...

I wonder how short it was...haha anyway i got a detention too for having my shirt above my belly button...oh well

Lizzie Tomlin said...

great job tommy! thats a higher grade than i will ever get on history tests:). sorry about detention Karen ick! I hate it...but then again i've never had it. Karen you are so sweet, I love it when you blog! and also i bet you are so smart, i highly doubt you'd get a b-!

Tommy Williams said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tommy Williams said...

Thanks. I'm not really a braniac, I just work hard.

The teacher announced that Phoebe and I tied for the highest grades on the test, which led T.C. Stavis to come up with yet another clever nickname for me:


Too bad he didn't put the same effort into his test that he does at trying to be clever: he got a 70 on the test.


in confidence. said...

he (t.c. stavis) really should get over himself already!

Anonymous said...

haha karen ur hilarious

i just started middle school and ive not had a detention...yet. I will get one soon iknow it in my heart <333 haha

aubbaby said...

i agree with the anonamous cheleaders r privlaged we have to have slevees and to the knee shorts and skirts while the cheerleaders get to wear booty shorts!!! ps ugh the chearleaders urck me with there preepy ness and they hate goths they are mean!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Karen, bold, its the way to go. I get in trouble with our dress code sometimes so just have fun with it (:

Alejandra Blackwood said...

haha, that is actually quit funny. detention does suck though ;P

Bella Cullen said...

cheerleading? I dunno.
Now was it a skirt or a skort?(I dont know how to spell that,srry )

Most cheerleaders wear skorts, or some sort of leggings, but maybe your school is dysfunctional. No offense. So maybe you could get some sort of campaign going for it.

That sucks, detention. Use your time for somthing useful. Like a threating letter to the school system for free rights for the differently biotic. Ooo, and do something suspenceful, like sign your name in blood, or signa picture of the main authoritie hacked to death. No, that will get you detained even worst. Or deported. Wow, your life really sucks right now. Over a skirt. Hey, I know what you can do. Move to Forks. Slightly more stable school system(slightly).

......It rains....alot.

Hey Washington is ok, its where I found Edward. Thats it.


Ive never talked this much on im.

am I good at it?
Not really? no, im not.

Well, just hang in there. You'll make it. Is this one of the after school ones, or on saturday(shudders).


Unknown said...

I love you Karen! And way to go Tommy!You know, I have never gotten a detention but,oddly,it may be quite fun.I mean, I can read more of Generation Dead!

Anonymous said...

i get what you mean about detention. i got it cuz i kissed my boyfriend after a basketball game! detention is pointless.
tommy should let you blog more often, karen. it's fun to hear what you have to say cuz your so optimistic!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Karen! Standing up to the man. You should be able to wear that skirt if you want to. You have beautiful long legs. If you look good. It doesn't matter. Especially if those slutty cheerleaders get to wear short skirts when they aren't fit to wear them.

sammy said...

hey i hav never been on here before though i did read da book. i hav had dention before it really wasnt that bad. but i agree with nighty panic at least they are treating you like ever body else.

Anonymous said...

My middle school had a cheerleader who was probably about 250 pounds. And our high school dress-codes you if there's a hole in your jeans, even if it's next to your shoe! Then there are the stuck-up girls who get away with everything. (they wouldn't be teacher's faves if they weren't living) You rock, Karen!

Unknown said...

I had detention once too... I was absolute torture!

Max said...

Geez. Your principal is cold.
P.S. Go Karen!! :D

OceanEyes said...

Harsh. I've been back... 4 months and... my friends have... abondoned me. I came back... young... and my parents... are just happy... I came back... at... all. Might move to a... more DB... friendly town. Cross... your... fingers... for Oakvale!

Mikey said...

I haven't had any after-school detentions, but I did have a Saturday once, back before I croaked. Oddly enough, it turned out kinda like The Breakfast Club...
Needless to say, it was the best time I ever had at that school.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I fully agree with you. Would have been better if some cheerleaders where standing around at the time. I just would love to see the looks on their faces. But then again cheerleaders aren't my favorite people, though I am friends with a few. Who else thinks that cheerleaders are devils in miniskirts???